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The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine attracted the Moldovan mercenaries to join the war in the Donbas region. They have reached the trenches that mark the red line on the political map of the world, according to a RISE Moldova investigation.

They fought in a war that doesn’t belong to them. At home, they were greeted by the Moldovan authorities, not their family. In Moldova, mercenaries are a crime, something easier rather than being hunted and considered terrorists in Ukraine.

According to the Security and Information Service, around 100 Moldovans have reached separatist trenches, fighting in a war that does not belong to them. Half of them have already been identified, and less than a quarter have reached the defendants’ bench. In the Republic of Moldova, these people are condemned as mercenaries and risk up to 10 years in prison; in Ukraine – the offenses committed by them are considered terrorist activities and are punished by up to 15 years or life imprisonment.

Vitalie Cojocari, 35 years old:

A resident of Cimișlia. In early 2015, Vitalie was at war in Ukraine. For that, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, with conditional suspension for two years.

“It takes me five seconds to kill a man. I can kill him with my own fingers. I never look him in the eyes. You don’t look into your victim’s eyes. We are mercenaries and, for us, this is a service. We wear masks and never spare anyone. No matter who they are.”

Igor Gusikov, Chief of the Apparatus of the Director of the Security Service of Ukraine:

“They are criminals to us. They are terrorists to us. We investigate them on a basis of articles that provide for participation in terrorist organizations, murders.”

Radu Chirilov, Alias “Tiger”, 26 years old:

He was sentenced to three years in prison, for the mercenary activity. The documents obtained by RISE Moldova show that in Ukraine Radu allegedly killed over 50 people. For his involvement in the war, e was paid monthly, with 40,000 Russian rubles, which then meant about 750 euros.


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Live with Igor Dodon. These are the topics our President (hasn’t) talked about



In the evening of December 11, Moldovan President Igor Dodon answered several questions in a live broadcast. He explained to Moldovans how to act and keep working legally in case they violated the immigration law of Russia:

“If you have violated the immigration laws of Russia, you must leave the territory of the Russian Federation no later than 23 February and return on 1 March,” he declared.

The head of state has begun an electoral campaign for former colleagues from the Party of Socialists of Moldova (PSRM). He recommended that citizens vote for PSRM.

“I support the PSRM and they support me and therefore I recommend to all of us to support this party. I do not know if I will run for these elections, but I the have time to think about it…” Dodon added. However, he believes that this election campaign will be very tough because the stakes are high.

At the same time, he wants Russian language teaching to be compulsory in Moldovan schools.

“In the 1990s, we found a compromise for more ethnicity to speak Russian as an interethnic language, so we have to make sure that Russian is everywhere,” the head of state answered to the dissatisfaction of a man who appeared disturbed that in state institutions everyone speaks in Romanian.

Dodon is confronted with problems that the current government is not dependent on Europe. “We will change this situation,” he promised, not mentioning at all the donations made by the European Union for the development of our country.

Reminder: During the two years since Igor Dodon was the head of the state, he visited the Russian Federation many times, but he did not reach the neighbors of the countries: Romania and Ukraine.

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Maia Sandu about the BPO Survey: “There are many people who have not made a decision yet. We will fight for gaining their support.”



The leader of the Party of Action and Solidarity (PAS), Maia Sandu, recently gave an interview for Europa Libera, commenting the results of the last Barometer of Public Opinion (BPO) survey published by the Institute for Public Policy (IPP). “As we already announced the intention of creating the bloc ACUM formed of the Party of Action and Solidarity, the Dignity and Truth Platform Party (DTPP), and members of civil society, we would have liked to see the overall results for the entire bloc,” mentioned Sandu.

She expressed her hope and optimism that people who have not yet made a decision could be convinced: “We will continue to fight for the ‘hearts’ of these people. We will try to explain them the situation through the few ways we have at our disposal, so that they can offer their support at the elections.” According to the BPO poll, 29% of the respondents still don’t know for whom they will vote at the future elections.

Maia Sandu stated that it is very hard to take any action when the equal access to media is not guaranteed. “Recently, I saw an attempt of the current government to publish fake news as political advertising in reputable newspapers, as well as in local newspapers,” said the PAS leader. She mentioned that, together with the DTP Party, they are determined to work a lot to make themselves heard by as many people as possible.

“In November we went to all the regions in the country, we visited many villages where we talked to people and asked them to help us fight all this fake news.”

When asked about the reason why people express less and less desire to vote, Maia Sandu highlighted the possible strategy of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), which is in power nowadays: “They want to introduce mistrust and confusion in the society and cause most people not to vote. If people don’t vote, the same politicians will stay in the government of the Republic of Moldova. They are aware that a greater presence at the election in February would increase our chances,” declared Sandu.

“We have to be ready to defend our rights as the only real opposition in the Republic of Moldova at the moment. Removing the opposition from these elections would mean miming them. So, our eventual exclusion from the campaign would automatically mean the non-recognition of the parliamentary election by the international community,” states Maia Sandu when asked about this matter.

Moreover, Maia Sandu claimed that no dialogue between the ruling political parties (DPM and PSRM) and the opposition is possible neither before the parliamentary elections in February 2019 nor after them. “The government has shown many times what its true intentions are. None of our proposals has ever been accepted, but all that this government does is transforming this election into something far from being called free and fair,” said Maia Sandu.

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Moldova excludes invitations for visas for citizens from India, Nepal and Sri Lanka



Citizens of India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka will no longer need invitations to complete the entry visa in the Republic of Moldova.

Today, the government has approved a ruling in this regard.

The new provisions aim to increase the number of tourists visiting the Republic of Moldova, but also to increase the investment attractiveness of our country for important global players such as India.

India’s economy is the second largest in the world after gross domestic product, and last year the country registered an economic growth of 7.1%.

Over the last two years, 3178 crossings of the Republic of Moldova have been registered by the citizens of the Republic of India. At the same time, our country was crossed by 147 Nepalese citizens and 93 citizens of Sri Lanka during this period.

At present, citizens from 100 countries can travel to the Republic of Moldova without visas. Citizens in 57 states are set up the visa regime and citizens from 35 countries need an invitation to open a visa in our country.

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