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Foreigners will be able to work in Moldova without a working permit

Foreign citizens will be able to work on the territory of the Republic of Moldova on the basis of temporary residence permits for work without obtaining a work permit. They will be able to fill the jobs that are not demanded by Moldovans.



The list of priority occupations, which includes the 127 most requested jobs on the labor market in the Republic of Moldova, which can be occupied by the migrants in our country, was approved by the Government today.

The Government’s decision is aimed at filling the demand for occupations with a deficit in the native labor force. Among the vacant jobs unsolicited by the unemployed in 2017 these are to be named: construction engineers, electrical engineers, nurses, graphic designers and multimedia designers, software designers, computer network specialists.

The list of priority occupations is updated annually, or if required, by the Government, based on the Law on Labor Migration.


The construction works of the Ungheni – Chișinău natural gas pipeline have started



The construction works of the Ungheni – Chișinău pipeline were launched today.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel Filip and the Vice Prime Minister for Romania’s Strategic Partnerships’ Implementation, Ana Birchall attended the event.

The Ungheni – Chișinău gas pipeline is the second phase of the Iași – Ungheni – Chișinău interconnection project. The section Iași-Ungheni pipeline was put into operation in 2014, and now the gas pipeline is to be extended to Chișinău.

The realisation of the second phase of the project involves the construction of the gas transport pipeline, the three natural gas delivery stations and the control centre in Ghidighici. The works will be carried out by the Romanian company Transgaz within a period of maximum 23 months.

Pavel Filip mentioned that the Ungheni – Chișinău gas pipeline project is of national interest and of strategic importance. A volume of almost 1 million m3 of gas was delivered every year through the Iași – Ungheni pipeline. That resulted in providing Romanian gas for the Ungheni city and several nearby localities in the recent years.

After the implementation of the project’s second phase and an investment of 93 million EUR, the Ungheni – Chișinău gas pipeline, with a length of 120 km, will provide the entire country with the necessary volume of natural gas.

“Today, we make the second step towards our country’s energy security and independence. During many years, the gas price was used as a scarecrow by those who delivered gas to Moldova, but now we are approaching the day when this will not happen again. Our country will be able to take decisions for the benefit of its citizens without risking any danger. And that’s because we have the second alternative source,” the prime minister declared in a press release of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

Ana Birchall reiterated the firm commitment of the Romanian side to further support Moldova in its European path, including with energy infrastructure projects. “Romania was and will remain the strongest supporter of the Republic of Moldova. Through such strategic projects we aim to achieve an irreversible connection of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union and we want to contribute to ensuring a better living for every citizen of the Republic of Moldova,” said Ana Birchall.


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Maia Sandu on Facebook deleting the Moldovan fake pages and accounts: They are DPM trolls who promote their party through propaganda and fake news

Party of Action and Solidarity Maia Sandu claims that the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) should be excluded from the electoral race for using undeclared money.



The statement was made after Facebook announced that it has deleted over 160 profiles and 28 Facebook pages and 8 Instagram accounts for “non-authentic behavior targeting people in Moldova”.

Maia Sandu mentioned that there is clear evidence that the CEC must initiate the procedure for canceling the DPM’s registration as an electoral competitor in these elections.

According to her, Facebook has officially stated that for the activity of trolls and fake pages denigrating the opposition and glorifying the government, “the pages created by DPM party promote it through propaganda and fake news”, about 20,000 dollars were spent, money undeclared at the CEC.

“More serious is the fact that Facebook found that the work of some of these pages was linked to employees in the Government,” Maia Sandu said.

Note: In a press release, Facebook announced that this activity occurred in Moldova and used a combination of false accounts as well as some authentic accounts in order to mislead others about who they were and what they were doing.

The Government’s reaction

“As for the comments or posts made by the employees of the public institutions, we’d like to mention that more than 200,000 employees are paid out of the state budget, and the Government of the Republic of Moldova does not check the activity on the private account of the social enterprises of the employees”, the Government’s message said.
Moreover, according to the Government, employees have different political options and opinions, and the state is bound to keep the boundary between fighting the FakeNews phenomenon and guaranteeing freedom of expression for citizens.
“Therefore, in order to combat the phenomenon of FakeNews, we will ask for additional information from Facebook,” the Government said.
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Three young entrepreneurs from Moldova nominated on the Forbes 2019 Europe 30 Under 30 list



Xenia Muntean, Vlad Caluș and Nicolae Gudumac are three young, creative and ambitious young entrepreneurs from Moldova that were nominated on the Forbes 2019 Europe 30 under 30 list, in the Media and Marketing category.

Xenia, Vlad and Nicolae are the co-founders of Planable – a revolutionary platform for initiating and managing social media campaigns for agencies, freelancers and marketing teams.

At the age of 25, 23 and 26 respectively, they managed to grow a startup company of  about 10 employees that serves as a communication tool between agencies or social media mangers with their clients. It speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun.

While Xenia oversees the operations as CEO, Nicolae is the company’s CTO with a passion for great UX and eye-candy design and Vlad takes care of marketing. Planable was part of Techstars London (2017) and just closed their seed round funding, according to Forbes.

This year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list featured 300 nominations across ten categories, from 34 European countries and 22 non-European countries.

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