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Diaspora1 day ago

Stories from diaspora: Vlad Caluș –  the audacious startup founder from Moldova nominated for Forbes 30 under 30

Vlad was only 19 years old when he dropped out of university, moved to another country with two of his...

Politics2 days ago

Putin’s “Kamaz” trucks have arrived in Chisinau

12 automobiles “Kamaz”, donated by the Russian Federation, have arrived in Moldova. The multifunctional technique can be used in the...

Politics2 days ago

Why does Russia get involved in the 2019 elections in the Republic of Moldova? / “Ask Dodon about it”

The WatchDog Community has launched an analysis on the involvement of the Russian Federation in the upcoming parliamentary elections in...

Important3 days ago

The deFacto platform relaunching or how far are the electoral candidates’ promises from what people really need?

In a few days, the parliamentary election will take place in the Republic of Moldova. The results of the future...

Justice3 days ago

This is the Supreme Court’s decision on the request to exclude Ilan Shor from the election campaign

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) has made the final decision by which Ilan Shor will not be excluded from...

Tourism3 days ago

From now on, Moldovan citizens can travel to Turkey with identity cards

From today on, citizens of the Republic of Moldova can travel to Turkey based on identity cards with the format...

Economy4 days ago

The construction works of the Ungheni – Chișinău natural gas pipeline have started

The construction works of the Ungheni – Chișinău pipeline were launched today.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova,...



Diaspora2 weeks ago

Stories from diaspora: Andrei Juc – the nomad architect from Moldova who gained his experience from all across Europe

His name is Andrei Juc. He is a young architect that believes that beauty can make the world a better...

Opinion2 weeks ago

Are the Moldovan citizens prepared for the coming elections? Facts & figures. The expert’s opinion

The fact that the electoral system was changed to a mixed one for the coming elections on February 24th in...

Diaspora3 weeks ago

What does the Kremlin regime really want from the upcoming Moldovan elections?

I was at an international event and was asked by a participant whether Putin still has influence in the Republic of...

Important4 weeks ago

Amnesty International Moldova warns about the increased risk of the electoral law violation

Amnesty International Moldova (AIM) is worried about the increased risk of violation of the electoral legislation and international conventions by...

Featured1 month ago

“The parliamentary elections will be a crucial test for Moldova” – Interview with Maja Kocijancic, the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

We spoke with Mrs. Maja Kocijancic, the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy about the situation created in...

Opinion1 month ago

Vladimir Socor: Moldova led by Plahotniuc has come to the brink of political and moral bankruptcy

Western analyst Vladimir Socor argues that the Republic of Moldova is profoundly ill, and the state was usurped by a...

Featured2 months ago

What is the official language in Moldova and does the ‘Moldovan’ language actually exist?

If you are a Moldovan citizen, surely you had, at least once in your lifetime, the situation when you needed...

Opinion2 months ago

Promo-LEX: The abuses committed by the Moldovan parties during the pre-election period

The first Report of the Observation Mission of the parliamentary elections that would be held on February 24th, 2019 was...

Important2 months ago

Nepotism, fake contests and controlled institutions – the situation during the pre-election period in Moldova

When everyone is sure that the apogee of the manipulation and illegal actions is already reached in the Republic of...

Economy2 months ago

The Citizenship by Investment Program in Moldova – embracing great opportunities or risks?

Dubai, November 5th – The Citizenship by Investment Program in the Republic of Moldova was officially launched at the 12th...