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Freedom House Report: Moldova, still a “partially free” country



Moldova is qualified as a “partially free” country, according to the Freedom House annual report on the state of freedom in the world. Thus, Moldova has accumulated a general score of 58 out of 100 (in which 0 points means “lack of freedom” and 100 points – the “highest degree of political system”), being evaluated on a scale from 1 to 7, with 3.5 in the rating of freedom, 3 from respecting political rights and 4 from civil liberties (1 means “the highest degree of freedom” and 7 “the lowest degree of freedom”).

Ukraine, as well, is considered a “partially free” country. It’s ranked 60th, with a score of 3.5 in the rating of freedom, 3 – respecting political rights and 4 – civil liberties. Romania received 2 at all 3 indices and is the 81st in the world, being considered “free”. More “free” countries are considered to be countries such as Great Britain, USA, Germany, Norway.

On the other hand, countries that are not considered free include Russia, China, Egypt, Venezuela. In relation to the authoritarian states, Freedom House draws attention to the fragile situation of the opposition and independent media from them.

“In states that were already authoritarian, receiving Freedom House designations of “Not free”, governments have increasingly removed the thin façade of democratic practice they set up in previous decades, when international incentives and pressure for reforms were stronger. More authoritarian powers now banned opposition groups or shut down their leaders,” says the Freedom House Report.

The same document points out that this is the 13th consecutive year in which there is “a decline in the situation of global freedoms”.

“The reversal covered a variety of countries in each region, from long-standing democracies like the United States to consolidated authoritarian regimes such as China and Russia. Total losses are still superficial compared to end-of-20th century earnings, but the pattern is consistent and threatening. Democracy is in retreat,” says the same report.

Reminder: In Freedom House’s last year’s report, Moldova appeared among the “partially free” countries, being passed to the 61st freedom index. The report stressed that high-level corruption is hampering the development of a democratic governance.

“Moldova has a competitive electoral environment. Rights of assembly, speech and religion are largely protected. However, perpetual corruption in the government sector, ties between large political parties and economic interests, as well as deficiencies in the rule of law continue to impede democratic governance,” the Freedom House Report of 2018 points out.

In 2019, 50 countries have made progress and 68 have experienced democratic regressions, according to the report, which this year is entitled “Democracy in retreat.”

Source: ZdG


Vladimir Putin: “Power in Moldova has been usurped by oligarchs”

The Russian Federation welcomes the co-operation between the Socialist Party of Moldova and the ‘ACUM’ and is going to support this parliamentary majority. 



The Russian Federation’s position on the latest political events in Moldova has been made public a few days ago by the Moscow Foreign Ministry, which said it welcomed the formation of the ruling coalition and the government: “We are committed to cooperating with the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, democratically elected, to re-establish mutually beneficial Moldovan-Russian relations in various fields, in line with the provisions of the 2001 Friendship and Cooperation Treaty.”

Спасибо всем нашим партнёрам за поддержку легитимного Парламента и легитимного Правительства!

Geplaatst door Igor Dodon op Woensdag 12 juni 2019

“I think that Moldova is not a unique case but a more exemplary one because the power in Moldova, like in Ukraine, was usurped, in the direct sense of the word, by the oligarchs who kneeled all the state structures. They have earned money on the back of the people and used them to strengthen their personal well-being. What Igor Dodon is doing now and the party that has so far been in opposition is a step towards building a modern state. We will support President Igor Dodon and their coalition partners in order for them to finally escape these people who have usurped power and find the strength to cooperate in the interest of the people”, Vladimir Putin said.

This declaration belongs to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who mentioned in a TV interview that this collaboration between SPM and ACUM is necessary to remove Plahotniuc from power.

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Europarliamentary Elections 2019: Remarkable mobilization of Romanian voters in the Republic of Moldova

Approximately 38 thousand Romanians from the Republic of Moldova exercised their right to vote in the European Parliament elections held on 26 May. According to provisional results, the National Liberal Party won the Euro-parliamentary elections in the polling stations opened in the Republic of Moldova.



There was an impressive mobilization at the polling stations opened in the Republic of Moldova for the elections in the European Parliament this year. Despite the immense queues, 37,888 Moldovans with Romanian citizenship expressed their right to vote, writes Adevarul.RO.

The attendance of Romanians in Bessarabia was 4 times greater compared to the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Polling stations closed at 9:00 PM in front of hundreds of voters who were unable to vote because of the queue that formed. In total, 36 polling stations have been opened in the Republic of Moldova. Only a few polling stations were opened in Spain and Italy, where most of the Romanians voted, followed by those in Moldova.

According to the cited source, the PNL had a maximum score in most of the polling stations opened in the territory of the Republic of Moldova – 37%. The Popular Movement Party, led by Traian Basescu, who ranked the next position, got a result of about 30%. Third place in the Republic of Moldova, with a score of about 10%, is occupied by USR-PLUS, which surpassed PSD – the party which, clearly, is supported by Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party of Moldova.

Image result for psd pdm

Image result for psd plahotniuc

Caption: The oligarch congratulating PSD member Victor Ponta on winning the 2016 local elections / Source: Facebook

Caption: Godson of the oligarch Plahotniuc and the President of the Moldovan Parliament, decorated by Liviu Dragnea – PSD party ruler – with the highest distinction of the Chamber of Deputies

These elections are proof that, despite the previous Moldovan parliamentary election results, despite the heavy migration problem the country is facing, and despite the continuous corruption crimes committed by the ruling party, the vast majority of the Moldovan citizens are on the side of a democratic, pro-European future.

Read here to see how the Moldovan Romanians voted yesterday.

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Europarliamentary Elections: Today, Romanian citizens from Moldova are expected to vote



Today, Romanian citizens from the Republic of Moldova are expected at the polls to elect the representatives of the Romanian parties that will reach the European Parliament. Romania will have a total of 32 Europeans in the European Parliament. 36 voting stations were opened in Moldova.

In Romania, in the race for the European Parliament, 13 parties and three independent candidates were registered. Elections to the European Parliament have been held since May 23.

The results from all 28 EU Member States will be announced on Sunday evening at 11:00 PM.

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