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The director of the “Go on. Fruits from Moldova” and “Be our guest in Moldova” short films, Viorel Mardare, passed away



Viorel Mardare, a talented film director from Moldova, died on March 9th, after trying to fight off an adenocarcinoma that affected his kidneys, lungs and liver. Viorel got to know about his diagnosis in August 2018. He received medical treatment at an Austrian clinic and was hospitalized at the Oncological Institute in Chișinău on January 21st.

Viorel was born in Chișinău on October 7th, 1981. He graduated from both journalism and dramatic arts faculties. He was a promising Moldovan cinema man, being a laureate of the National Prize in 2018 for his original works in the advertising film art and promoting Moldova’s image. Viorel Mardare was an opinion leader, promoting important social causes such as going to vote, love the home country or treat people better.

He became internationally known in 2016 when the “Go On. Fruits from Moldova” short movie was produced, in which Freddy Mercury’s song was interpreted by simple people from the Republic of Moldova.

Another popular film by Viorel Mardare is “Be Our Guest in Moldova,” in which the main character – Brad Pitt, played by Ronald Huisman, a dutch actor, visited Moldova.

Viorel Mardare was buried on Monday, March 11th , at the Armenian Cemetery in Chișinău.

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An English vlogger in Chisinau: “If I were a politician in Moldova, I’d be ashamed to show my face”

A British YouTube vlogger has published a video about of first impressions in Chisinau. Thrilled by the way the center of the capital looks, the conditions in the underground, the quality of the roads, etc., the vlogger will spend a month in the Republic of Moldova, promising to publish more stories.



I would be ashamed! If I’d ripped off my nation as these motherf#ckers have ripped of Moldova, I’d be ashamed to show my face.”

The vlogger told his subscribers about the “billion dollar bill theft” and criticizes politicians who “have done nothing in their 30 years of independence.”

He pointed out that after the collapse of the USSR, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova hoped that a better life awaits them.I

“In Soviet times, Moldova was a well-run, efficient republic. Soviets used to come from all over the SU here. It was warm, there was good wine here, […]. But then independence came, and people wished for something better. But what did they receive instead? They’ve received nothing but Governments that ripped them off, embezzled cash, escaped the country with stolen billions, and the people are left here to pick up the pieces,” he concluded.

Watch episode 2 here:

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The “Tower of Water” from Chisinau will be open for sightseeing on Saturdays



The Tower or the “Castle” of Water, as some historians call it, is an industrial architecture monument, made in an eclectic style. It is at the intersection of Alexei Mateevici and Mitropolit Gavriil Bănulescu-Bodoni streets. The tower was initially meant to secure the city with water. The building has the title of a monument of architecture and art of national importance, introduced in the Register of monuments of history and culture of the Chisinau municipality.

From now on, The Water Tower (The History Museum of the City of Chisinau) is open to the public for sightseeing on Saturdays as well. The decision was made after several parents said they could visit the museum with their children on weekends.

Liubovi Kosman, the museum guide, told IPN that visitors have the opportunity to see exhibits related to the history of Chisinau from the first attestation to the 1980s. Visitors can also admire the contemporary city from the highest point of the capital.

Image result for turnul de apa chisinau


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Moldova will participate in “Expo Dubai 2020”. The pavilion of our country, divided into four areas: “Discover, Taste, Craft and Invest”



The Republic of Moldova will participate in the World Expo Dubai 2020 Exhibition. According to the concept, our country’s pavilion will be divided into four key areas: “Discover, Taste, Craft and Invest”.

The Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure announces that visitors will be able to explore the history of our legendary wine, learn about national, cultural, historical values.

At the same time, “Expo Dubai 2020” represents an opportunity to intensify trade, economic, scientific and technological exchanges with other states and companies.

It is an event where new outlets for domestic products will be identified. At the same time, visitors will know about investment projects that might be of interest to business people around the world.

According to organizers’ estimates, “Expo Dubai 2020” will be visited by about 25 million people around the world.

“The International Exhibition Center” Moldexpo “, designated as responsible for the organization of our country’s participation in this event, must make every effort and respect the established terms. We must make ourselves seen and heard as a state with investment, tourism and cultural potential, “the official said.

The World Expo (World Expo) is the third largest event in the world with an economic, social and cultural impact, and is held every five years, with a duration of 6 months. The Republic of Moldova has previously participated in such events, including in Hanover, Germany (2005), Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China (2010) and Milan, Italy (2015).

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