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Banker’s lawyers seeking justice with appeals court

George Amihalachioae and Alexandru Tanase, the lawyers of Victoriabank Chairman Victor Turcanu, have lodged with the Appeals Court a complaint against the unfounded detention of their client.

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George Amihalachioae and Alexandru Tanase, the lawyers of Victoriabank Chairman Victor Turcanu, have lodged with the Appeals Court a complaint against the unfounded detention of their client.

The lawyers convened a news conference in Infotag today claiming Victor Turcanu is innocent, and his detention could well be a provocation. The prominent banker is being accused of accepting a $15,000 bribe from lawyer Dorel Turcan, who is said to have been acting as a go-between for a company named Fratii Nichifor which sought to receive a $550,000 credit from Victoriabank.

“The last week’s police information – that Victor Turcanu had, allegedly, been caught on the crime site – is not true. It was lawyer Dorel Turcan who was detained at accepting the said $15,000 from the above-mentioned company. As for banker Victor Turcanu, he was caught on October 12 evening in the street when he was going home after work. His car was halted, his driver was bruised up, and Turcanu was delivered to the Center for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption”, explained George Amihalachioae.

In his words, Dorel Turcan really asked the banker beforehand to help obtain such a huge loan on privileged terms, and hinted the banker’s kindness would be remunerated. In response, the Victoriabank Chairman said a firm no, and “even used a rough language against the visitor”.

Amihalachioae is not ruling out Victor Turcanu has fallen victim to a conflict that broke out between Victoriabank shareholders in May 2005, when 28.6% of the bank’s stocks came to be held by 5 companies, including 3 foreign ones. In Amihalachioae’s words, some of the new shareholders even threatened Victor Turcanu if only he refuses to obey their orders.

Alexandru Tanase also sees no legal grounds for keeping Victor Turcanu in custody, for he can certainly give evidence to investigators while staying at large.

The lawyers drew journalists’ attention to the poor state of Turcanu’s health that does not permit to keep him behind bars. Since 1988, the bank chairman has been Group II invalid suffering a leg illness. In addition, Turcanu got into a heavy car accident last month, received a severe head injury, and his arm is still in gypsum.

Tanase stated the living conditions in which Victor Turcanu is being kept in remand prison fail to meet international requirements. If the Appeals Court does not meet the lawyers’ challenge within 3 days, they will lodge an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights asking its immediate interference into the case.  // Infotag

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The activist who poured a bucket of milk over the head of Minister of Finance Octavian Armasu, sentenced to one year in prison

Activist Andrei Donica, who, two years ago, poured a bucket of milk over Finance Minister Octavian Armasu, was sentenced to one year in prison with suspension.



On September 30, 2016, Finance Minister Octavian Armaşu was splashed with milk by a protester (Andrei Donica), right in front of the Government. Andrei Donica accused the official of promoting the “bill of billions by which citizens were reimbursed for state guarantees issued for devalued banks.”

The protester believes that the judge violated his rights because the sentence was delivered to him in his absence, the document having been received by post, after the term of appeal had expired at the Court of Appeal.

“It was a protest action, I did not hit him, I did not call him names.”

TV8 writes that although Donica was recently convicted, the young man does not regret his action, but would do it more ingeniously if he could go back in time.

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The Democratic Party advocates amending the Constitution so that judges are elected by the people. President Dodon “will not” sign the project



The announcement was made today by PDM chairman Vlad Plahotniuc during a briefing of the party. The legislative proposal is due to be registered in the Parliament over the next few days.

“Reforms in the field of justice were meant to strengthen the independence of justice, to make judges work for people, as is the case with countries with advanced democracies,” Vlad Plahotniuc said.

However, the political spectacle goes on. Today, President Igor Dodon announced that he will not sign the Democratic Party’s draft constitutional amendment by introducing the phrase “European integration.”

“It is not right that the ideological visions of a party are introduced into the Constitution. […] What kind of pro-Moldova approach is this? The parliamentary elections will be the ones to show who and what citizens want, and that the Constitution should not be amended now, in a hurry, without broad social consensus and at the end of a political mandate,” the head of the state declared.

It should be noted that a month ago, the Democratic Party of Moldova announced that it will become more clear, starting with the next period, as a “pro-Moldova” party, acting “for all Moldovans”, focusing on solving people’s problems.

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The Constitutional Court has decided that citizens have the right to initiate legislative referendums



Today, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova (CCM) has decided that, according to the law, citizens have the right to initiate legislative referendums. This happened after a group of PLDM deputies asked for the Constitution to be interpreted on this subject.

The Court found that the right to initiate a legislative referendum by citizens stems even from the provisions of the Electoral Code, which already establishes two rules regarding the initiation of the Republican referendum by citizens.

The Court regarded that, although citizens have the right to initiate a legislative referendum, the legal framework contains several omissions regarding the procedure for initiating this type of referendum, including the formal and material validity of the texts submitted to the referendum.

A press release states that, having regard to the provisions of Article 72 (3) lit. b) of the Constitution, the Court emphasized that it is up to Parliament to regulate clearly the procedure for the initiation of referendums by citizens.

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