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March 8: Women’s March of Solidarity



“We do not want flowers, we want equal rights,”

This was one of the messages displayed on banners and chanted by the participants during the manifestation. The Women’s March of Solidarity, traditionally held on 8th of March – on International Women’s Day, aims to promote gender equality and to signal the phenomenon of discrimination and violence against women.

On this day, women and men – including the Action and Solidarity Party leader, Maia Sandu – walked through the center of the Chisinau, reminding the passers-by about gender equality, for which women fought more than 100 years ago. The participants walked from the center of the capital to the “Maria Biesu” National Opera and Ballet Theater.

“We still live in a world where much effort is needed to make girls and women have the same opportunities, benefit from the same reward, and enjoy the same freedoms. And there is still much more to be done in Moldova for all women to have the freedom and opportunity to follow their dreams.” declared Maia Sandu on her official Facebook page.

The event was organized by non-governmental organizations fighting for gender equality.


Explosion kills two persons in shop in central Chișinău




20 March 2018- An explosion occurred in a small shop in central Chișinău after one man dropped an explosive object, possibly a grenade. As a consequence, the man with the object died, alongside a passing-by man, reports TV8.

According to the police, the 50 years old man dropped the explosive after refusing to pay for several packs of cigarettes in the shop at the intersection of Mateevici and Armenească streets. A witness claims to have known the given man as divorced and living outside of his house.

The wounded 62 years old man was transported to the hospital for surgery for removing the pieces of metal dispersed by the explosion.


The prosecutors are investigating the case as intentional killing. The identity of the second victim, as well as the explosive type, are being established.

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Chisinau placed third in a top of the European cities of the future



The capital of Moldova was ranked third among the middle-sized cities in Europe in terms of costs and efficiency, according to the fDi European Intelligence and Financial Times fDi European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/2019.

According to, the fDi Intelligence division of the Financial Times collected data using the online FDI tools: fDi Benchmark, fDi Markets, as well as other sources.

The data was collected for 489 locations (301 cities, 150 regions and 38 LEPs), and divided into five categories: Economic Potential, Work Environment, Cost Effectiveness, Infrastructure and Business Friendly attitude.

According to the ranking, London is the most attractive destination for FDI, despite Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

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Moldovan mercenaries in the Donbass region: “It takes me five seconds to kill a man”// RISE

They went on different paths. They crossed the border illegally and found a way to hide their traces. The destination was the same – the Donbass trenches.



The armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine attracted the Moldovan mercenaries to join the war in the Donbas region. They have reached the trenches that mark the red line on the political map of the world, according to a RISE Moldova investigation.

They fought in a war that doesn’t belong to them. At home, they were greeted by the Moldovan authorities, not their family. In Moldova, mercenaries are a crime, something easier rather than being hunted and considered terrorists in Ukraine.

According to the Security and Information Service, around 100 Moldovans have reached separatist trenches, fighting in a war that does not belong to them. Half of them have already been identified, and less than a quarter have reached the defendants’ bench. In the Republic of Moldova, these people are condemned as mercenaries and risk up to 10 years in prison; in Ukraine – the offenses committed by them are considered terrorist activities and are punished by up to 15 years or life imprisonment.

Vitalie Cojocari, 35 years old:

A resident of Cimișlia. In early 2015, Vitalie was at war in Ukraine. For that, he was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, with conditional suspension for two years.

“It takes me five seconds to kill a man. I can kill him with my own fingers. I never look him in the eyes. You don’t look into your victim’s eyes. We are mercenaries and, for us, this is a service. We wear masks and never spare anyone. No matter who they are.”

Igor Gusikov, Chief of the Apparatus of the Director of the Security Service of Ukraine:

“They are criminals to us. They are terrorists to us. We investigate them on a basis of articles that provide for participation in terrorist organizations, murders.”

Radu Chirilov, Alias “Tiger”, 26 years old:

He was sentenced to three years in prison, for the mercenary activity. The documents obtained by RISE Moldova show that in Ukraine Radu allegedly killed over 50 people. For his involvement in the war, e was paid monthly, with 40,000 Russian rubles, which then meant about 750 euros.


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