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Vlad Plahotniuc spoke up to the opposition: “Don’t make too many plans, or don’t make any plans at all. I’m not leaving you on your own.”

Yesterday, Democratic Party leader Vlad Plahotniuc had a first public outing, after missing from public space for several weeks. He went to the Moldovan Democratic Party briefing tribune with the usual 3 red roses on it.



“I have heard there are people in the country who worry about me because of some vicious speculation issued by some allegedly frustrated, already chronically frustrated politicians. I would like to reassure them that they I’m very well-off, more in shape than ever before,” the oligarch said.

“I’d like to warn you about the following. Don’t make too many plans, or don’t make any plans at all. I’m not leaving you on your own.”

After this short message, Democratic Party leader Vlad Plahotniuc withdrew from the stand, giving up the place of Vitalie Gamurari, his party’s spokesman. He officially declared that the Democratic Party invites the Socialist Party to negotiate for the creation of a parliamentary majority.

Here’s what Plahotniuc’s party spokesman commented about the anti-oligarchic coalition, the ‘ACUM’ opposition bloc.

“Unfortunately, they look like just tourists in politics, they have proved that they live in a world parallel to the reality of Moldovans, they stayed where politics started – on Facebook, they are not really ready to assume responsibilities in the government. They need time to grow up.”

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This is when the Democratic Party—Socialist Party love relationship became official.

The Socialist has taken note of the Democrats’ proposal and is due to “submit it for analysis and decision to the Republican Council of the Party”, a socialist communique says.

Can an oligarch build democracy in Moldova?

Read here the story about one of the how just three hours after publishing the article above – 3 years ago, 2 family members of an ‘ACUM’ member (father and uncle) were arrested for 6 months. They called it “organized crime.”

After a whole year of silence, Alaiba spoke up about the case during the TV8 show “Politica” with Natalia Morari.

Dumitru Alaiba, deputy of the ‘ACUM’ bloc, writes on his blog:

“I understand now, that the only chance for us to live freely is to overthrow this government, and some would even have to go to prison because they are a real danger to society. They must be urged out of power. Without that we will never live a normal life in this society.

I understand now, that if it isn’t us who put them in jail, they’ll get us one after the other. It’s as simple as that.

I felt so fearful about myself that I understood that most of our people had never lived in a truly free country. That’s why I don’t mind that most of you reading don’t quite get it. We’ll rely on the active and conscious minority, and we will succeed.

I understand now, that Plahotniuc is just the edge of the problem. It’s just the first one in a long list. Intruders like Eduard Harunjen, Nicholas Chitoroaga, and the rest of the pyramid, must be punished all the same. They are not “prosecutors,” as they write in their papers. They are the easiest bandits with permission from a captured state to violate laws, take hostages, ostracize money, persecute people, mock our fathers and mothers if they so desire. Because they have no mother and no father.

Reminder: Previously, the DP “proposed” the bloc ‘ACUM’ to form a majority coalition in Parliament, but the opposition bloc categorically refuses to team up with the oligarch. The Socialist Party, in turn, proposed to the bloc ‘ACUM’ talks on the formation of a parliamentary majority, ALSO demanding the ‘ACUM’ members to vote for Zinaida Greceanii as Parliament Speaker and to give four ministries in the future Government, which didn’t result into any efficient conclusion. Is it time for Moldovan citizens to resume the pro-democracy protests just yet?


Democrats leave government to the new coalition

The decision was taken after today’s National Political Council of the Plahotniuc’s party, announced Vladimir Cebortari, vice-president of the DPM.



According to Cebotari, DPM’s decision is a clear signal that the Democratic Party no longer holds power in the country.

“However, our decision will not solve the constitutional blockade,” Cebotari said.

“Regardless of what solutions will be found, as long as we have the decisions of the CC in place, the Government that will be installed will operate illegally, and the officials of the institutions will not be legally able to execute the decisions of such a Government and will be in a situation of legal risk. That is why final elections will be reached, as it’s the only way to solve the crisis created by the binomial Socialist Party–’ACUM’ bloc legally and completely,” finalized the DPM vice-president.

Vladimir Cebotari said that the next move on behalf of the DPM should be expected. However, it might be way too early to call it good news just yet.

Two days ago, the leaders of the bloc ‘ACUM’ Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase asked the Moldovan citizens to come to Parliament for the  “march of the people” on Sunday, June 16th. President Igor Dodon, too, called on the country’s citizens and his supporters to participate in the march, in support of the new government.

Maia Sandu warned that “the Plahotniuc regime will do everything in its power to prevent citizens from coming to the march of the people. They will try to stop public transport, threaten drivers, block the streets.”

“Prepare yourself! Come early, come to your relatives’s place and stay overnight in town. Offer car seats to those who wish, but don’t have the possibility to join. They stop the cars? We walk! They will hear our every step and see that Moldova doesn’t belong to them, but to the people and children of Moldova,” said Maia Sandu at the press conference.

She addressed all police officers who refuse to obey to Plahotniuc’s orders as well as those responsible for national security and citizens to maintain public order and ensure that no citizen of this country would suffer.

Will Plahotniuc’s remaining army find ways to prevent the event from happening? How many of Moldova’s remaining people will attend the rally? That’s for us to find out on the coming Sunday.

Rebranding of DPM’s logo: Constantin Șarcov

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Cristina Balan, the Moldovan ambassador to the US and former DPM vice-president, is ignoring new MFA’s recall for consultations in Chisinau

Moldovan Ambassador to the US Cristina Balan ignored the order of the new Moldovan Foreign Minister in the Government of Maia Sandu, Nicu Popescu, in which she was asked to present herself no later than today, June 14, 2019, at 3 pm, for consultations in Chisinau.



According to Nicu Popescu, this confirmed that Cristina Balan chose to execute the diplomacy of Plahotniuc’s Democratic Party, instead of the state’s diplomacy.

“I reiterated to the US authorities that from now on, all the steps taken by Balan are made on her own account, and do not reflect in any way the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Moldova”, claims Nicu Popescu.

He mentioned that he has decided to submit to the Government of the Republic of Moldova the proposal to dismiss Mrs. Cristina Balan from the position of ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to the United States of America.

Cristina Balan is the former vice-president of PDM, where she was responsible for the DPM’s foreign affairs management. Oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc was elected to this position on May 8, 2018.

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What we need to know about the recent ECHR decision on behalf of Turkish teachers’ expulsion



Not many might remember, but quite a while ago, on the morning of September 6, 2018, seven Turkish citizens were expelled from Moldova. SIS previously stated that the seven Turkish citizens might have had links to an Islamist group, a group about which there are indications that they are carrying out illegal actions in several countries.

However, this doesn’t only concern President Dodon, who – although not capable of suitably commenting on the outrageous events – seemed to have had very close ties with the Turkish President. Additionally, in September, the ECHR was notified in connection with the expulsion of the seven Turkish citizens from Moldova by Vitalie Nagacevschi, the president of the “Lawyers for Human Rights” Association. Shortly after the application was filed, the ECHR told that it had notified the case and asked the Moldovan Government (then led by Pavel Filip) for explanations regarding the expulsion of Turkish teachers. Back when the Plahotniuc–Dodon (DPM-SPM) cooperation was still running, a reasonable explanation on behalf of a Democratic Party member like PM Filip would have been impossible.

In the explanations submitted to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the case of Turkish citizens, the Moldovan Government stated that it did not violate the procedure for declaring them undesirable and escorting from the country.


Yesterday, ECHR issued a decision communicating that Moldova violated the rights of foreign nationals expelled from the territory of the Republic of Moldova in September 2018. The ECHR detected a violation of Articles 5.1 and 8 of the Convention on Human Rights, and this is what it has decided:

The Moldovan Government will have to pay € 25,000 for five of the seven Turkish citizens whose rights have been violated and who filed complaints before the Court.

In front of the Court, the applicants said they were illegally detained on the morning of September 6 and that they were being illegally handed over to the Turkish authorities. The Moldovan Government has admitted that Turkish citizens have been detained but has told the Court that this was justified and the plaintiffs did not oppose the expulsion to their country of origin.

Although the Government of Chisinau insists on not being aware of the applicants’ fears of being expelled to Turkey, the Court notes that in the asylum applications the plaintiffs clearly expressed their fear of being persecuted. At the same time, in its decision of 4 September 2018, the Bureau of Migration and Asylum considered that the applicants’ fear of being politically persecuted in Turkey was well founded in connection with these asylum applications.

More so, since the applicants have integrated into the Moldovan society and have genuine family relationships, the Court considered that their expulsion from Moldova radically disturbed their private and family relationships. Therefore, Lawyers for Human Rights noted that there has been an interference with their rights in this respect.

Today however, Nicolae Frumosu – the lawyer of the Turkish citizens, declared undesirable and remote from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, claims that the government agent did not submit any evidence that teachers constituted or constituted a danger to security and the order of the Republic of Moldova to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Image result for nicolae frumosu

“The ‘Orizont’ Moldovan-Turkish Lyceum file is not yet complete,” said Frumosu.

According to him, the most important aspect is that “neither before has the European Court of Human Rights, the government official, the Moldovan state submitted any evidence that the applicants constituted or constituted a danger to the security and public order of R Moldova”. The lawyer says he does not have any current information about the status and situation of Turkish teachers.

What’s next?

“There are national disputes regarding Turkish citizens. Here I am referring to challenging decisions on refusal to grant refugee status as well as challenging the decisions of the Migration and Asylum Bureau regarding the declaration as an undesirable person of those persons with their removal under escort. Many of these cases were discontinued on the part of the proceedings because of the lack of empowerment, whether they were taken out of service, or that they had been surrendered or refused to be received. But there are a few files still pending at national courts,” concluded the lawyer.

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