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Report: Use of Latin script for the “Moldovan language” is punished with €50 fines in Transnistria

The use of the Latin alphabet for “Moldovan language” can be punished with a fine of over €50 in Transnistria, reads a Promo-LEX report, which shows that no improvements have been made in the first half of this year on the human rights situation on the left bank of the Nistru river.



€50 fine for using the Latin alphabet

The right to education has numerous restrictions in the region, especially when it comes to the Latin writing. Thus, the simple use of the Latin alphabet for “Moldovan” language can be punished with a fine of over €50. In the case of the “Evrica” Lyceum in Ribnita, the institution is obliged to pay more than €30,000 for renting the space, annually.

Thousands of farmers  cannot get their land back for 13 years

The inhabitants of the Dubasari district have been left without their agricultural land for 13 years, while the so-called Transnistrian administration has leased these lands to local economic agents. The problem is growing when it becomes known that these lands have an area of about 6,500 hectares – almost half of the territory of this district.

Authorities have no tangible results

Although President Igor Dodon seems to have established a friendly relationship with representatives of the Tiraspol regime following meetings with Putin and other officials in the Kremlin administration, no concrete approaches have emerged. For their part, officials from the Reintegration Bureau, after about 50 meetings with foreign partners, have not established any effective mechanism for observing or ensuring human rights in the region.

Moreover, in the first half of 2017, the European Court issued four judgments in the case of the rights of the inhabitants of the left bank of the Nistru river, which forced Russia to pay victims over €200,000. On the other hand, following the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which declared illegal troops and military bases stationed on the territory of Moldova, Tiraspol made available mechanisms for the Russian soldiers to obtain citizenship of the self-proclaimed republic.

According to Promo-LEX, “the rulings need to be promoted more intensely by the relevant institutions so that effective methods of observing and defending human rights in the Transnistrian region are found.” Otherwise, the situation in which the those who need help are discouraged from asking for it, and those guilty of committing violations are not held accountable.

However, violations found could be remedied more quickly if international organizations (the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Union) put pressure on the regional administration in the defense of the journalists, NGOs, and lawyers. As a result, experts could come up with clear and good solutions for guaranteeing human rights in the Transnistrian region.


Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova has accepted the offer to join the ACUM resistance movement



A couple of days ago, Dignity and Truth Platform Party (DTPP) leader Andrei Nastase declared that the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) and the Liberal Party (PL) should not participate in the parliamentary elections in February 2019. Instead, some of the exponents of the two Formations could be found on the Block List “ACUM” and in some constituencies. Moreover, Nastase asserted that his party and Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) will not negotiate anything with LDPM and PL representatives, as the electoral bloc will not “expand” under any circumstances.

Today, despite the statements of Andrei Năstase, LDPM vice-president Ion Terguţă announced on his Facebook page that his party will join the ACUM resistance movement.

“LDPM has accepted the offer ACUM. There will be fire.”

It seems that the decision was taken today at the meeting of the LDPM National Political Council. Thus, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova will participate in the elections of 24 February in the composition of the ACUM block, which includes the PAS and DTPP parties.

Image result for acum resistenta

Source: DW

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Maia Sandu reacts harshly to the Democratic Party (PDM) accusations: “Plahotniuc is so scared that he’s making fun of himself”



“The PD’s animalistic fear of losing power after parliamentary elections and the anti-citizen police used as instruments against the opposition are drawing to an end the totalitarian nature of this regime. From their press release, it appears that the only crime in this state is to be an electoral competitor. Moreover, through this communiqué, state institutions are de facto suggested to act in the sense of taking punitive measures against PD’s political opponents.”

This is how begins the public letter signed by Maia Sandu in response to the press release published by the Democratic Party of Moldova, in which “it noticed the appearance on the eve of the electoral campaign of several skirmishes regarding the violation by some parties and organizations of the civil provisions of the Law on Political Parties, the Electoral Code and the Audiovisual Code”.

Democrats, headed by Vladimir Plahotniuc, argue that they have detected “illegalities that can negatively influence the electoral process” and have officially notified the institutions responsible for holding elections. The PD accuses “some parties” of “incorrect mode” by which they would try to influence the outcome of the elections and discredit their conduct. Read the full story here.

Maia Sandu’s message continues like this:

“The accusation of the pro-European opposition that by “distributing prospectuses, calendars, creating the ACUM website” would carry out “pre-term electoral campaigning” denotes a naughty legal nihilism on the part of the Democratic Party. The concept of “electoral agitation” is explicitly defined in the electoral legislation (Article 1 of the Electoral Code), and no action mentioned in this communiqué undertaken by the members and supporters of the two parties circumscribes the notion of “electoral agitation”. Neither national legislation nor international law prohibits the promotion of their own image outside the electoral campaign. In a democracy, it is natural to have one’s own sites and to print informative materials to the citizens. It seems that what PDM wants is to become a single party ruling this country and make use of all state institutions in order to block all ways of communication.

The PD’s attempt to equalize electoral agitation with a simple information of the population aims to de facto prevent the opposition from communicating with the citizens of this country.

Given that the PD holds the monopoly on the television and the media in the Republic of Moldova, which daily manipulates public opinion through propaganda and outrageous lies, the attempt to prohibit the printing and distribution of information materials represents the annihilation of the political struggle as such.

Or is it that talking with the citizens in the Republic of Moldova is already a ban? If they could, Plahotniuc would generally forbid us to open our mouths and speak up.

Regarding the overseas movements of party leaders who announced the creation of the Future Block, we state that all these are perfectly legal and transparent. On this occasion, we inform the public that next week the leaders of the PAS and the DA Platform will be in Strasbourg at the last plenary session of the European Parliament and will inform the MEPs about the slippages that the dictatorial regime in Chisinau continues to commit.

We note that of the five examples offered by PD, only one refers to the PSRM and, surprisingly, none to the DP, not to mention other parties, including convicted guerrillas. This is in the context in which both PSRM and PD go through villages with potato bags, bribing voters and offering election memories, which is expressly forbidden in law.

Plahotniuc, the main thief of the Republic of Moldova, is so scared that he’s making fun of himself.”

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RISE Moldova: The “neighbor” of the Moldovan Prime Minister, Pavel Filip

Prime Minister Pavel Filip became “neighbor” with a company… The company “bought” a spacious house for which it paid several million lei.



RISE Moldova has found out that this front-end company, behind which the real beneficiaries hide, belongs to the prime minister’s family.

For several years Paul Filip’s affairs and interests were governed by three nephews. In premiere, RISE Moldova presents how the family and business portfolios have been distributed.

Photo: The three nephews of PM Pavel Filip


House. 3 floors. Chişinău, Paris street.

The surface - 400 m.p., land - 6 ares.

Partly furnished. Self-heating. Parquet. Phone line. Natural gas. Centralized sewerage system. Aqueduct. Cellar.

200,000 EUR.

This announcement was published on a real estate site on January 11, 2018, the day when the government held the first ministerial cabinet meeting this year.

“[…] We all wish a lot of success this year. The year in which we must work with a special intensity, and then I am sure that our reform agenda that is very ambitious for 2018 will be achieved,” the prime minister declared.


Prime Minister Pavel Filip’s agenda of May 25, 2018 was loaded with trips in three cities. In the morning, he went to Bălţi to visit two textile factories, then discussed with the mayor of Balti about the garbage crisis.

From the North, PM Filip walked his way to Drăguşeni village from Străşeni, about 25 km from his hometown. Here, he praised the repair of less than a kilometer of road through the “Good Roads for Moldova” program. Towards the evening, the official met with several farmers at a winery, located in a locality in Ialoveni.

During the same day in Chisinau, the seller who published the announcement on the day of the first Government meeting in 2018, after several months of waiting, found a buyer for his home, officially registering the sale-purchase transaction.


Surprisingly, the dwelling is highlighted externally through the silver roof made of galvanized steel sheet flooring and surrounded by several domes.

The building with an area of 359 m.p. has two levels and was built in 1980. The golden interior is particularly remarkable with large chandeliers and decorative elements.

Wooden doors that make access from one room to another are large and the springs above are painted with glossy material. Also from wood is the staircase that connects the ground floor to the upper floor.


The landlord took the house for sale through real estate agents. The asking price was 200,000 euros.

However, official data indicates a much lower price than the market price. According to cadastral information, in 2005 the real estate was estimated for the purpose of taxation at 2.7 million lei. Today, the equivalent of 137 thousand euros, ie by 60 thousand euros less than the price demanded by the owner.

“It has already been sold. (Out of the price) fell a little,” the real estate agent Marcel Popovici told RISE.

The vendor is neighboring with Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Ivan Drangoi tells him. Ivan Drangoi is a man who in recent years has been sued several times for debts for Moldovagaz natural gas supplier, a lending company and a real person who has loaned him money.

Each time, Drangoi lost to court and was forced to repay the borrowed money, and the bailiffs banned and seized him on the Paris buildings – the house, the summer kitchen, and the adjoining land. All the restrictions were canceled on the very day when he sold his “Palace” on Paris.

The company is called Vota SRL. It was created in 1992 and was purchased in 2015 by Burex SRL (Details, AICI), a company controlled by the two children of Prime Minister Pavel Filip: Iulian and Dumitru. Together, they have 99% of the firm, and only one percent belongs to Victor Filip, the nephew of the prime minister.

More details on the official RISE website.

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