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Moldovan Police on the incident involving President Dodon: A criminal case has been initiated



Today, the General Police Inspectorate announced that a criminal trial has been initiated to determine all the circumstances surrounding the Sunday accident on the Chişinău-Ungheni route involving President Igor Dodon’s car.

According to law enforcement officials, the accident occurred after a Mercedes-style truck, run by a 40-year-old man who overcame the opposite road and hit the front of the official column. The “Mercedes” model car, which belongs to the State Protection and Guard Service, has slipped off the route and flipped. The truck eventually buffered the “VW Touareg” vehicle unit that was part of the column, skidding off the waterway.

Whether or not there are ties to other events, the accident came a day after Gennady Gaguliya, the prime minister of the breakaway Georgian province of Abkhazia, died in a car crash as his motorcade returned from the airport following a visit to Syria.

Reminder: As a result of the accident, country president Igor Dodon and two family members were taken to the hospital. The truck driver, supposedly guilty of the accident, arrived at the hospital as well. The lives of people injured in the accident are not endangered.

Moreover, yesterday, after the serious incident, Igor Dodon sent a message on his Facebook page:

“We thank all those in the country and abroad who had me and my family in good thoughts. Thank you to all who sent me thousands of messages, I couldn’t yet answer. Everything is fine, neither to me nor to family members has serious traumas. Be careful, and take care of yourself and your loved ones,” wrote Igor Dodon.

This morning, however, the spokesman of the head of state, Ion Ceban, said that President Igor Dodon has several problems with the backbone and that his mother has already undergone a first surgical intervention.


Russian press laughs at Dodon after CIS summit: Nobody talks to him



President Igor Dodon’s actions at the CIS Summit in Dushanbe are ridiculed by journalists from the well-known Kommersant publication, which mentions in an article that Dodon isn’t taken into consideration by anyone but suggests that despite this, Igor Dodon tries to be seen among the leaders.

Vladimir Putin and Igor Dodon at the CSI summit / Photo: Igor Dodon / FB

“It is clear that the ambitions of some presidents have not been exhausted and the three prize-winners (the presidents of Russia, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan are endorsed by Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who, in fact, can not anybody else.”

Reminder: The summit of the CIS states heads took place in Dushanbe between September 27-28. Igor Dodon published several photos along with the leaders of the member states and also gave a speech on the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova and the commercial relations.

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Amnesty International: “It’s reported that other 48 Turkish nationals could be expelled from Moldova”



In a brief invasion of the Balkan Insight portal, Amnesty International Moldova (AIM) Director Cristina Pereteatcu said minimum 48 other Turkish residents on the territory of Moldova could be exposed to a similar expulsion/deportation operation in unlawful conditions in Turkey.

These could be people on the “black list,” people that are not only from Orizont high school, but carry out other activities in Moldova, such as businessmen – all people of Turkish nationality who aren’t pleased with the Erdogan regime.

Reminder: On September 6th, SIS announced that several foreign citizens, suspected of ties with an Islamist group (with indications of acting illegally in several countries), have been declared undesirable by the competent authorities and expelled from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Turkish president Recep Erdogan (Left) and his Moldovan counterpart, Igor Dodon met briefly on Attaturk Istanbul`s airport on March 18, 2018. Photo: Igor Dodon Facebook page

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National Army Special Forces militants are currently training in Romania



Moldovan, Romanian and Georgian militants are currently training in the Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET), held in Romania, between September 16-30.

According to the exercise summary, officers and non-commissioned officers of the National Army, together with the Military of the Special Forces of the Romanian Army and Georgia, perform firing and parachutes at different heights.

The National Army soldiers participate in JCET since 2009, and the training is aimed at developing capabilities, joint training skills and exchange of experience in the field.

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