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Moldova police takes out “diplomatic” number plates from car of Transnistria “foreign minister”



On June 8th, the officers of the Moldova’s Patrol Inspectorate, confiscated the “diplomatic” number plates from the car belonging to the so-called foreign minister of the separatist Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic (PMR), Vitaly Ignatiev. As reported by, Ignatiev’s driver got a penalty case on violating 230th article (Contraventional Code) for noncompliance with the national standards of number plates and was told to go back.

According to interim head of Moldovan police Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, Ignatiev’s car was stopped outside of the Security Zone.




Tiraspol’s “MFA” sees it as another demarche-provocation, with the aim to worsen relations. The latest comment of the separatist “diplomatic” institution reads that the move follows the refusal of Moldova’s political representative, Reintegration Minister George Balan, to discuss the participation of Transnistria-registered cars in the international traffic.

Angry, PMR’s MFA demands the Moldovan authorities to return the number plates and come with explanations. In their turn, 5+2 international observers and moderators are asked to give a respective grade to Moldova’s actions.

It is worth mentioning that Transnistria has its own car number plates that are not accepted in the international traffic because of unrecognized status of the region. The Transnistria-registered cars can be driven on the right bank of Nistru if they have Moldovan insurance license.

Currently studying International Relations at the University of Pécs, Hungary. Study focus: Transnistrian conflict settlement, Moldovan statehood, Moldovan democracy. Inquiries at [email protected]

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Propaganda flyers on Russia’s migration amnesty distributed in the Transnistrian region

Candidate of the electoral bloc “ACUM” in the constituency no.47 (Eleonora Cercavschi), announced that several distribution materials (calendars and leaflets) were propagated in the Transnistrian region.



Note: All this is happening during the electoral campaign of the Socialist Party of Moldova.

The calendars and leaflets contained Moldovan President Igor Dodon and Russian President Vladimir Putin photographs including “information” on the so-called migration amnesty for Moldovans in Russia.

Eleonora Cercavschi posted pictures of the calendars where the two presidents appear together as well as of the leaflets with information about the amnesty for Moldovan migrants (according to which the ban on entering the territory of Russia will be canceled if the Moldovan citizens leave the Russian territory exactly during the period in which the parliamentary elections will take place in Moldova.)

Translation: “We vote for the Socialist Party of Moldova. It’s logical.”

“This kind of materials are being spread in Transnistria today, does Central Electoral Commission know about it?” commented Cercavschi.

The case was reported after the CEC warned the presidency on the inadmissibility of involvement in the election campaign for the parliamentary elections and imposed a sanction of warning for the use of administrative resources.

At the same meeting of CEC, among others, the banners advertised on the social network regarding the migratory amnesty are electoral tentatives addressed on behalf of the President of Moldova and the President of the Russian Federation, which is contrary to the provisions of the Electoral Code.

Photo: Socialist Party of Moldova banner on /

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Russia is forced to execute the ECtHR decision on the case of a young man killed in a Transnistrian illegal paramilitary unit



The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgement on the legal case of the young man killed in an illegal paramilitary unit in Transnistria came into force and the Russian Federation is obliged to execute it, as the Promo-LEX Association announced.

Previously, the Government of the Russian Federation has called for a re-examination of the decision by which the ECtHR found that Russia had violated the right to life in the Transnistrian region and compelled the Russian Government to pay 53,000 euros as a compensation to Alexandru Stomatii’s mother. Stomatii was a young man who was forcibly incorporated in an illegal paramilitary unit from the Transnistrian region in 2009 and was murdered one year later. The ECtHR rejected the Russian Government’s request, the Russian Federation being bounded to unconditionally execute the previous judgment of the ECtHR issued on September 18th, 2018.

The Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova alleges the organization or participation in an illegal paramilitary formation. Over the past 10 years, Promo-LEX has identified several deaths in the so-called ‘Transnistrian army’. According to an association’s report, young people who avoid enrolling in the ‘Transnistrian army’ are fined up to 1,700 euros or receive a sentence of up to two years in prison.

“The ECtHR judgment is one more confirmation of the tough realities faced by the young people enrolled in the so-called ‘Transnistrian army’. Young people who refuse to serve an illegal regime are hunted and persecuted by the administration of the region, and the Moldovan authorities have been unresponsive to this problem that has lasted for more than 25 years,” according to a Promo-LEX press release from 2018.

In 2010, the Stomatii’s relatives filed a complaint with the Moldovan and Russian authorities, as they raised doubts regarding the way the criminal case was examined. The Russian authorities did not respond to Stomatii’s mother requests, and the Moldovan authorities suspended the proceedings motivating that no accuser could be identified.

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Confrontations continue in the Security Zone: Unidentified objects have been installed at the Dorotskaya control station

The Delegation of the Republic of Moldova to the Joint Control Commission sent an address describing the abusive actions of the Tiraspol administration to the parties involved in the peacekeeping mission. Moreover, they included systematic violations admitted by the so-called Transnistrian structures, especially in Tiraspol. Bender.



In a press release, the Moldovan delegation states that during the period January 18-22 several cases of the abusive location of Transnistrian “border guards” and border guards were found in the adjacent area of Varniţa. The representatives of Tiraspol in the Commission expressed their lack of competence in the given subject.

Thus, the Moldovan delegation asked the representatives of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the OSCE Mission to Moldova to take the necessary measures in order to relieve the situation in the designated localities.

Another case of defiance of the peacekeeping mission is the expansion of infrastructure and the installation of unknown objects by Transnistrian so-called “border guard structures” at the Dorotskaya control station.

The works were carried out even during the meeting of the Joint Control Commission. At the same time, the exit of the military observers for the investigation of these actions was blocked by the Transnistrian side.

As a result of the admitted deviations, the Moldovan delegation reiterated the necessity to adopt a mechanism for monitoring the situation in the Security Zone, which will not admit the existing inconsistencies in the process of verification, detection, and resolution of violations.

The Ukrainian side and representatives of the OSCE Mission to the Republic of Moldova (which is part of the Commission) have been open to the development of such a mechanism.

Another topic addressed is the elimination of the Transnistrian post of border guards between the localities of Slobozia and Cremenciug and its substitution with a joint pacification. Thus, the Commission’s components agreed to hold further consultations to resolve the issue.

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