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Italy applauds the conductor from Moldova Andriy Yurkevych



The name of Andriy Yurkevych, Chief conductor of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Biesu” is in all Italian newspapers. On February 15th, 16th, 17th and 19th in Genoa in the Theater Carlo Felice, triumphant performances of the Opera Giuseppe Verdi “Simon Boccanegra” took place with Andriy Yurkevych at the conductor’s stand. The performance has gained popularity not only in Moldova but also abroad.

Simon Boccanegra, first elected by the people of the Doge of Genoa, is a cult figure, and Maria Boccanegra, his daughter, lost in childhood and adopted by the family of Grimaldi, the princes of Grimaldi, the Royal family of Monaco, who have been on the throne since then. Verdi’s Opera pays homage to Genoa, its history as a Seaside Republic, in a version that debuted at the “La Scala” theatre in 1881. The Opera tied the history of the city, real events, people and, of course, the patriotism of the Genoese, expressed in the love, pride, devotion and loyalty to their homeland.

Barbara Catellani for Spezia Calcio says on the website OperaClick:

“In Genoa, the traces of the first Doge of the Republic, elected and approved in 1339 by the people… the traces are scattered here and there throughout the city: a house in the area of La Maddalena in the historic centre, a funeral statue placed in the Museum of Sant’agostino, Villa-now the Congress center-hidden between the pavilions of the hospital of San Martino, Palazzo San Giorgio, the first Palazzo del Mare (built by order of cousin Guglielmo Boccanegra, the first people’s captain), a fortress that now “turned” into a Belvedere Castelletto. Not everyone knows this, and we should especially thank Roberto Pani, who wrote valuable lines about the events and places of Boccanegra, provided images, told exciting stories in newspaper articles, on the pages of social networks, at conferences, the press, at the University of Genova.”

“Simon Boccanegra is a true Genoese work, the history of this city: the so-called ‘Genovese Age’, from 1528 to 1620, when Genova was the European capital of Finance and banking, and conquered the world. Rooted in the fourteenth century, when the “cruel city” was still torn apart by internal strife, but nevertheless was a proud and independent city, the era of Boccanegra is the prologue of glory that will come in three centuries.” So told Roberto Pani, hoping to see a lot of Genovese in the theater. He succeeded, obviously.”

The February performances were very much anticipated. And indeed, on February 15th, with a full house, the first performance was broadcast on the Internet on the theater channel. I watched the performance from the 15th minute of the broadcast, was fascinated by the beautiful singing, preparation and organization. Read a few excerpts from the articles about the play.

Barbara Catellani, OperaClick:

“The great cast, the orchestra in excellent condition, the master conductor. What more? Here, more than ever, we can use the term “orchestral palette”, so popular in books and specialized magazines, because we really appreciated the variety of shades, gradations of color, brightness or high density, and large brush strokes when it is necessary to highlight pain, ominous conspiracy, betrayal. Then the dynamics, the wording, the dialogue: the orchestra perfectly responded to the magic wand (magic, as we have already said) of Andriy Yurkevych. A master who, again, showed great charisma and rare sensuality.”


“At the remote control of the Teatro Carlo Felici conducts Andriy Yurkevych, music Director of the National Theatre in Chisinau, Moldova, a musician who can boast a repertoire from Mozart to the masterpieces of Bel Canto and Verdi, with a natural predisposition to the greatest Russian composers, who recently, on 18 January, we applauded in Genoa at the unforgettable Gala concert Jessica Pratt and Michael Spyres”.

Website С

Andriy Yurkevych chooses the right tempo, the tempo of the performance at the console, and remains consistent with this choice throughout the Opera. He takes care of the orchestral sound, which thanks to the excellent work of the orchestra of the foundation is clear and distinct. Simon Boccanegra is the leading role, and Yurkevych directs all his interpretation in this direction.”

The theater has prepared 12 videos about the Opera: materials about the history of Genoa, the Seaside Republic of the time of Simon Boccanegra, the Opera itself, interviews with soloists, the director, heads of the Opera production in the section “Immersion in the Opera”. The interview with the conductor Andriy Yurkevych can be seen here.

The Youtube channel of the Teatro Carlo Felice, which broadcasts performances and tells about his work, registered in 2010, has about seven million views, which indicates the extreme popularity of Italian Opera and art.

In this video you can see pieces of the Opera “Simon Boccanegra” on 0.44, 2.24, 5.34, 7.21, 8.13, 10.37 minute.

Congratulations Maestro Andriy Yurkevych for the lovely creative work!


Cultural events calendar: the authentic experience Moldova has to offer this summer



During the last few years, more and more festivals, marathons, concerts, fairs and thematic events have been organised in the Republic of Moldova. The summer calendar of this year is full of opportunities to discover things about Moldova which are beyond touristic brochures and established tours. Such events represent a priceless chance to connect with local people, traditions, food, art and advertisement.

The calendar of this summer events in Moldova is presented as follows:

Moldovan Design week

June 3rd to June 9th, Chișinău


A series of events such as exhibitions, installations, inspirational talks, workshops and performances will be held in June for those who are interested in such creative industries as product and industrial design, plastic arts, furniture, graphics, fashion, architecture and interior design.

The multidisciplinary festival attempts to draw more attention to art, design and other creative areas, as well as to develop and promote a supportive policy towards design specialists.

National Rosé Wine Day at Castel Mimi

June 8th, Bulboaca village, Anenii Noi


The summer commences with an elegant event at Castel Mimi, one of the most important architectural monuments and wine masterpieces in Moldova, where the rosé wine will be the king of the party and the pink colour an indispensable element of the dress code. Besides the concert, food court, wall projections and a musical fountain, the guests will taste the famous Cabernet Sauvignon, awarded with silver medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Open-air Classical Music Festival “DescOperă”

June 14th to June 16th, Butuceni village, Orhei


The open-air classical music festival is a unique event in Moldova. It is organised in the middle of Orheiul Vechi Reservation limestone cliffs, which create a natural amphitheatre and provide ideal sound and distinguished atmosphere. The festival braids classical music and nature together and exhibits well-known classical masterpieces performed by featuring artists from the Moldovan National Opera, led by Austrian conductor Friedrich Pfeiffer.

Festival “IA Mania”

July 6th, Holercani Village, Dubăsari


“IA Mania” is a festival which promotes traditional hand-embroidered blouses and supports the craftsmen who try to preserve this tradition. It gathers artisans with hand-made objects, chefs with traditional recipes, music and dancing, workshops and other advertisement activities. The slogan of the event is “Celebrate the beautiful traditions of our ancestors! Dress like Moldovans! Dance like Moldovans! Craft like Moldovans! Eat Like Moldovans! Party like Moldovans!”

International Pottery Fair “La Vatra Olarului”

August 11th, Hoginești village, Călărași


Hoginești is the home of one of Moldova’s most valued potters – Vasilii Gonceari who inherited the craft from his ancestors and established the “Vatra Olarului” International Pottery Fair. Visitors will be able to buy pots, souvenirs and household objects directly from the craftsmen gathered at the fair. Additionally, hands-on workshops, traditional gastronomy food court, folklore concerts and dancing will be available during the fair.

Purcari Wine Run

August 24th, Purcari, Ștefan-Vodă


The trail race of 10 km will pass through the vineyards of Chateau Purcari. The participants will be invited to discover beautiful landscapes with multiple elevations, unpredictable paths and a lot of grape vines.

Runners will be able to spend a few moments at a pit stop, disposed every 2 km and named after some of the most famous wine varieties: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rose. There, they will have the possibility to eat some fruit, have some water and even taste some wine before resuming the race. According to the organizers, the competition is held to promote trail running, healthy lifestyle, as well as to reveal the strongest sportsmen among professionals and amateurs.

More events here.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Featured photo:

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East or West? Celebrating Victory Day and Europe Day at the same time



For 3 years, people in the Republic of Moldova have been debating what is more important: celebrating Victory Day or Europe Day on the 9th of May? In 2017, the Parliament of Moldova adopted a law to make Europe Day an official holiday in Moldova, along with Victory Day.

Every political party, regardless of the political views, organize a celebration on this day. This year, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) and the Șor Party organised concerts, parades and demonstrations for celebrating Victory Day, whereas the political bloc ACUM, the Liberal Party (LP) and the National Unity Party (NUP) celebrated Europe Day. Another political actor – the Democratic Party of Moldova (DPM) tried to please everyone and organised a holiday of “peace and prosperity for Moldova”.

At the same time, the Moldovan Government decided to focus merely on Victory Day and postponed Europe Day for the following weekend, on May 11th-12th. In such a way, they considered the conflict of interests resolved.

Now it’s the proper moment to ask: what is the problem with having 2 different holidays on the same day? In fact, they are not even contradictory. On the contrary, they are related, as the end of World War II and the surrender of the Allies armed forces (which is celebrated on May 8th in Europe) represented an important drive for the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community – the forerunner to the European Union. Actually, the only problem with it is the context of the Moldovan social and political behaviour.

First, both holidays are politicized and are transformed into an apple of discord deliberately, as the Moldovan politicians, especially those who are in power today, understand very well that a divided society means a weaker society; therefore, an easier to control society. The debates about directing Moldova to West (the EU) or East (the CIS) never stopped in Moldova. On May 9th, everyone argues about that: the governors, official representatives of the civil society, activists and, consequently, common people that instead of taking time to discuss their real problems, new businesses, initiatives, projects, protests against the injustice that is done to them, most of them are dividing in groups, spreading hatred and treating superficially the true meaning of both celebrations.

People forget that Victory Day is not about expensive concerts organised by the socialists or buckwheat with pickled cucumbers served in the city centre by the democrats. It is not about pompous demonstrations that involve children who are forced to dance synchronously instead of listening from their parents, grandparents and teachers about the tragic consequences of the Second World War.

Children singing and dancing on Victory Day| Photo: ZdG

On the other hand, Europe Day is more than classical music concerts organised in the central park of the Moldovan capital. Behind the exposed photo galleries are people that have been working a lot, searched and applied for European funds, people that didn’t expect somebody to simply come and save them from the poverty, corruption, injustice, etc. Unfortunately, such people are still not enough in Moldova and Europe Day is treated by the majority just as superficially as any other holiday in Moldova: an occasion to eat out, listen to concerts’ music and have fun.

Moreover, the governmental institutions and some big media outlets present the events happening on May 9th as a natural occurrence. So, the fact that several political parties ‘marked’ their territories in the city centre of Chișinău, organizing their own events for their own electorate is considered normal. The direct use of propagandist methods combined with avoidance to declare the events’ costs by the political parties is not a problem in Moldova.

We live nowadays in a country stuck between Eastern and Western worlds, which can perfectly make it without our existence. We live in a country with poor people, morally poor first of all, as we don’t really know much about our past and don’t care as much about our future.  None of these two holidays real meaning is interesting for the biggest majority of the population. We just love their symbolism that takes us back in the past or enables us to dream about the future. May 9th is just another reason to celebrate, not more than that.

Photos: Ziarul de Garda

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Tatiana Verega, a Moldovan dancer, has achieved a world record for planking



Tatiana Verega is famous for her successes in the dance world, especially in the US, where she lives for 5 years now. She has recorded a world record after staying in the plank position for 3 hours and 45 minutes. The record has not yet been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

At the same time, Tatiana has launched a fundraising for the Galveston Chance to Dance program – a dance program sponsored by Tatiana Verega and her dance studio in America, DLS Dance. The funds will help cover the costs of bringing professional instructors out of the state to work with young dancers in summer workshops.

In 2012, the artist decided to go to the USA, and in 2013 Tatiana Verega opened her own dance studio called “DLS Dance Studio” where she trains children. Every day, Tatiana instructs 5-7 classes a day at her dance studio, as well as teaching lessons at various schools in the city. Likewise, another activity that occupies much of his spare time is fitness.

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