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The IMF estimates an economic growth of 3.5% for the Republic of Moldova in 2019



However, the report on global economic outlook “World Economic Outlook” shows that the Moldovan economy will grow more slowly than the previous forecast when the fund expected an increase of 3.8%, informs Moldpres.

According to the latest report of the Fund, the annual inflation rate will be 3.3% and the current account deficit of the Republic of Moldova will represent 7.7% of the GDP in 2019.

The IMF expects the economy of the Republic of Moldova to grow by 3.8% in 2020, and the same economic growth is projected by 2024.

The World Bank, too, recently revised the GDP growth forecast for Moldova in 2019 by 0.2 percentage points – from 3.8% to 3.6%. The World Bank forecasts inflation for this year at 4.7%.

How many years does RM need to reach the level of economic development of EU countries in 2018?

This economic growth rate of 3.5% is the lowest for the group of the poorest member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), of which, according to IMF classification, the Republic of Moldova is part of. Accordingly, to reach the EU level in 2018, Moldova needs 34 years.

“The situation described above is not a short-term evolution of the national economy, but a long-lasting trait of economic changes in the Republic of Moldova,” said economist Viorel Gârbu.

According to the expert, taking into consideration the annual economic growth in the last 20 years (4%), the Republic of Moldova needs 14 years to reach the average level of development of economies in transition.

Approximately 27 years will be needed to reach the level of the CIS member state’s economic development in 2018 or 34 years – to reach the 2018 level of economic development in transition economies in Europe.


Moldova will receive a $70,000,000 loan from the World Bank



The aim of the money is to increase electricity distribution capacity. According to a communiqué to the international institution mentioned above, the decision to grant the loan was approved yesterday by the World Bank Board of Directors.

A new high-voltage 400 kV line will be built from the WB money between Vulcanesti, in the south of Moldova and Chisinau. Also, the modernization and extension of substations in Chisinau and Vulcanesti are envisaged, as well as strengthening the energy transmission and metering system.

“The project will strengthen the capacity and reliability of local energy distribution in Moldova and will support the future interconnection of Moldova’s electricity system to the European electricity grid through Romania. This will be vital for the diversification of Moldova’s electricity supply, which will allow electricity to be supplied at competitive and transparent prices,” says the communiqué.

Over the last 27 years, the World Bank has granted the Republic of Moldova loans totaling over $1,000,000,000 for about 60 projects.

Currently, the World Bank portfolio includes ten active projects with a total commitment of $391.300,000. The areas of support include regulatory reform and business development, education, eGovernment, healthcare, agriculture, local roads, the environment, and others.

The commitment portfolio of the International Financial Corporation in Moldova includes five projects amounting to $17,000,000 (69% loans and 31% equity). The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency provided $95,000,000. Both institutions are members of the World Bank Group.

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The debt of Moldovagaz to Gazprom has exceeded $6,200,000,000

On the occasion of the 20th founding anniversary, the Moldo-Russian company Moldovagaz meets with record debts to Gazprom. Thus, at the end of 2018, it reached the level of 431,660,000,000 ₽ or about $6,210,000,000 at the exchange rate.



However, in his report, Gazprom mentions that Moldovagaz’s debt is zero and that the huge debt of $6,210,000,000 is included in the “reserve for credit losses” category. The majority (over 90%) belong to Transnistria, the region which paid absolutely nothing for what has been delivered by Gazprom since 2006.

The same document shows that last year payments made by Gazprom for the transportation of Russian gas on the territory of the Republic of Moldova to other states decreased by more than 22% to $47,100,000,000, which shows that the volume of transported gas has diminished.

Moldovagaz in its current form was founded in May 1999 and Gazprom has a 50% share, the Government of Moldova – 35.33% and the authorities in Tiraspol – 12.44%.

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“A decision expected by 10,000 patents”. Deputies of ‘ACUM’ ask for an extension of patent activity to 2022



Deputies of the opposition bloc ‘ACUM’ have today registered in Parliament’s secretariat a legislative initiative to extend small business activities based on entrepreneurial patents until 31 December 2022.

According to Deputy Alexandru Slusari, this decision is long awaited by about 10,000 patents, “who together with their families are now afraid of breasts” and “are hand-luggage.”

Reminder: In November 2018, the Parliament adopted a draft which indicated the term of the entrepreneur’s patent for retail trade to be extended until 31 December 2019.

The term of the patent was only extended to holders, which had patents for these activities on 31 December 2018. About 9400 patents in retail are currently valid.

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