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Air Moldova has demonstrated compliance with EU requirements

Air Moldova is the only company in the Republic of Moldova to have an Operational Safety Audit Security Certificate issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), following a two-year audit.



Moreover, Air Moldova is one of the aviation companies around the world where the European Union trusts. The European Aeronautical Safety Agency certified Air Moldova as complying with its standards, which allows it to smoothly carry out air transport operations in the European space.

The authorization issued by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) once again demonstrates that Air Moldova is a reliable operator and meets all the standards of quality and safety, says Iulian Scorpan, general manager of the company:

“We will continue to work to provide our passengers with the best conditions, pricing and destinations that will ensure their comfort,” says Air Moldova director Iulian Scorpan.

The European Authority’s certificate confirms that Air Moldova offers safe, quality services at EU standards, which are among the highest in the world. Thus, Air Moldova is part of an elite club of airlines that can fly over the EU airspace and can provide services within the European Union.

On the other hand, 120 companies from all over the world, including 9 from the Republic of Moldova, were banned in the community airspace.

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Participate in the 6th edition of Moldova Business Week and get to know more about the Moldovan business environment



Moldova Business Week is the biggest national economic event outlining the policies, reforms, trends and success stories of the investment climate of Moldova, being designed to create a network to benefit from all the business opportunities in Moldova.

This is how the event is presented on the official website. It will be conducted between November 13-15 at the Palace of the Republic (Maria Cebotari street, 16) and on November 16th at the Tekwill Centre (Studenților street, 9/11).

This year program includes an agenda dedicated to Moldova’s strategic sectors like ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) & BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Agrifood, Tourism and Green Energy, as well as Creative industries and Cinema Production. For the first time, the 4th edition of Moldova Automotive Days will be held during Moldova Business Week, having a focus on Mechatronics, Clusterisation and Research & Development.

On November 15th, the ProExport Forum will be conducted, which will allow local companies to increase the know-how regarding qualitative exports and establish a useful business network. On November 16th, the annual “Moldova in Fashion” Conference will refresh the business trends in the fashion industry.

More than 1000 national and international leaders and business partners are expected to be present at the event, which is organised by the Investment Agency in collaboration with the development partners and the associative environment. Moreover, over 100 local speakers and 26 international speakers from 15 other countries will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the strategic and niche sectors.

The scope of Moldova Business Week 2019 is to promote the business environment in Moldova as one based on sustainable economic growth, friendly fiscal system and open attitude towards establishing transparent commercial relations with partners around the world.

Moldova Business Week will start with panels dedicated to key reforms to improve the investment climate, progress and challenges of foreign investors, followed by individual B2B discussion sessions.

The 4-days-agenda of Moldova Business Week 2019 can be found here.

Access to the conference is free, based on a prior registration on the official page of the event between October 10th and November 10th, 2019.

Moldova is ranked 48th in the Ease of doing business ranking, according to the World Bank Group report on Doing Business 2020. The rank shows where are the regions with easiest to do business in the world. In 2017, Moldova had the 44th place in the ranking, same as in 2018.

Among the states that are ahead of the Republic of Moldova regarding the ease of doing business are Slovakia, Belgium and Armenia, Moldova being followed by Belarus, Montenegro and Croatia.

Doing Business is a valuable tool used by governments, businesses and potential investors to assess the evolution of business environment in a certain country.

Source: Doing Business 2020 Report

Photo: invest.gov.md

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5 uncommon businesses in Moldova we bet you didn’t know about



All of them work really hard to see their dreams come true. All of them took risks when investing money, work, equipment and time into their businesses. All of them are great, representing our country and its heritage at home and abroad. There are many more unique businesses like this in Moldova. It’s just that they are not yet discovered by the public eye. For now, check out those presented below.

Biantti – ecological almonds and sea buckthorn products

Biantti is the only local producer of organic flour, cold pressed oil and almond flakes, which is certified as being ecological in the Republic of Moldova.

The owner of a 7 hectares almond orchard, a 10 hectares walnut orchard, a 5 hectares sea buckthorn orchard, as well as the producing factory is Igor Golban. He came back to Moldova after he graduated his studies in France and started the almond business in the village he was born.

By taking the technology from Germany, the planting material from Romania and accessing funds from several sources, including non-reimbursable funds, the idea of growing almonds became reality.

source: madein.md

Besides the almond and walnut oil and flour, briquettes made out of shells, sea buckthorn leaves tea, the producer sells also dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, flax, hemp and cumin oil, pumpkin, as well as flax flour.

“We have a total of 7 generations of nuts and almonds trees. Last year, we gathered 12-14 tons of almonds. This year, around 7-8 tons,” declared Igor Golban.

Only 15% of the volume of the products are exported, the rest remains in the country, being used in Moldovan kitchens.

The owners of this business – Mr. and Mrs. Malancea launched it after the retirement. The pasta and home made noodles are produced from organic ingredients. It is so good that most kindergartens and schools in the region buy pasta from the Malancea family. The couple plans also to export the goods abroad.

“80% of our production is represented by homemade noodles. Moldovans love homemade products,” said Mr. Malancea.

Source: masainfamilie.ro

Every day, 8 employees work at the factory in Antonești. During one day, they use at least 2000 eggs, needed in the production process. Generally, over a ton of pasta is produced in the factory for one day.

The noodles are prepared after a traditional recipe, as they are prepared at home. After the pasta and noodles are dried for 8 hours, the package process comes in place.

Still, Malancea spouses revealed that the biggest problem they have to face is the shortage of skilled labour, as a lot of such workers prefer to work abroad.

Green – handcrafted soap made of natural ingredients

Ivan Chiriac is a beekeeper  who creates honey products and handmade soaps with different natural additions. He can quickly name his products’ properties and has a great passion for what he is doing.

The young man said that it all started with the purchase of the first hive. Then he took what the bees produce and managed to open a small workroom near his house, where he and his partner started to produce honey goods and natural soaps.

source: ea.md

“After discovering the properties of honey, I started to produce different products derived from it, such as solid shampoo and natural soaps, with various additions of plants or oils,” claimed Ivan.

The entire composition of solid shampoo and soap produced at the Ivan’s workroom is based on natural products, such as vegetable oils, seeds, honey, everything being indicated on the label.

Brânza de Popeasca – a unique kind of cheese protected by the European Commision

About Cheese from Popeasca we already wrote in a previous article. It is one of the few authentic products from Moldova that were qualified as products with a protected designation of origin. Once it obtained such a labelling, it can no longer be manufactured according to the same recipe and the same name anywhere in the world. “Brânza de Popeasca” is a cheese made with different additional ingredients like dill, parsley, olives, bell pepper and other kinds of cheese.

source: moldnova.eu

Vadim and Mariana Osipov are the households that manage a farm of 200 heads. Their customers are several restaurants and supermarkets in Chișinău. These people face daily a lot of difficulties, from human factor to climatic conditions. Despite all the hardships, they never give up and continue to work for developing their business and taking it to a new stage.

FROM THE HEART.SHOP – the online shop where only Moldovan goods are sold

FROM THE HEART.SHOP aimed to be the first online store in the Republic of Moldova where products manufactured and created in Moldova were collected in one place. It was set out to create a bridge between Moldovan producers and consumers, wherever they are, as it facilitated the online purchase of the goods desired and their delivery in any corner of the world.

source: fromtheheart.shop

The online platform was founded by a group of enthusiastic people led by Nata Albot, a blogger, TV producer, journalist and a media manager from Moldova.

There online shop sells all kinds of clothing products, shoes, cosmetics, accessories, books and household items from 28 Moldovan brands and there is still room for more.

Photo: Getty Images (Opolja)

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National Wine Day 2019 is celebrated in Moldova this weekend



On October 5-6, the 18th edition of the National Wine Day, the biggest holiday in Moldova dedicated to wine production, is celebrated. For the first time, the celebration passes beyond the Great National Assembly Square, including some other central areas such as the whole square of the “Birth of the Lord” Cathedral and the E. Doga pedestrian street from Chişinău.

68 participating wineries exhibit their wines and are included in a tasting booklet which can be purchased online on iticket.md and at Info Points during the event.

During this weekend, several areas such as Info points for getting more information about the program of the event and purchasing the tasting booklet, Wine School, where 16 masterclasses guided by professional sommeliers, and a relaxation area are arranged in the city centre of Chişinău. Also, an exhibition of popular craftsmen, a gastronomy area, concerts and a peasant yard, where several workshops for creation and weaving of baskets and furniture made of osier and twigs, will be organised.

Another novelty of the event are the wine tours organised for taking visitors to 11 wineries with tourist facilities in the country, which have prepared special programs for the National Wine Day: “Basavin Winery”, “Castel MIMI”, “Chateau Cojușna – Migdal-P”, “Mileștii Mici”, “Chateau Purcari”, “Chateau Vartely”, “Vinăria Poiana”, “Vinuri de Comrat”, “KARAGANI”, “Barza Albă” and “Kvint”.

Source: wineday.wineofmoldova.com

Source: wineday.wineofmoldova.com

The National Wine Day is organised by the National Office of Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment, several wine producers’ associations, with the support of the strategic partners of the event.

More information about the event can be found here.

Photo: wineday.wineofmoldova.com

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