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Action&Solidarity Party and “Dignity&Truth” Platform to form coalition for 2018 elections



During a press briefing on November 20th, the leaders of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) and the “Dignity and Truth” Platform (PPDA) announced about forming a joint “pro-European, anti-oligarchic” platform for the 2018 Parliamentary elections.

Thus, PAS and PPDA will jointly propose candidates in the 51 electoral districts of the new electoral system.

“Integrity and meritocracy will be the main criteria for (choosing) the people want to form a joint team with. The change can be made only with steady people.

Through this, we want to increase the trust of citizens that together we can Moldova on the path of normality. Let’s give a fatal hit to the Plahotniuc-Dodon tandem”, said PAS leader, Maia Sandu.

In his turn, PPDA leader, Andrei Năstase, stated that the collaboration between the two parties is meant to demount the current Democrats-led government:

“We formalize today the collaboration between the two political parties to demount the criminal government that led to hundreds of thousands of people leaving for abroad. We want to bring a new political class of integrity that would be in the service of the citizen”, added Năstase.

This is not the first time when PAS and PPDA cooperate ahead of elections. In 2016, together with the Liberal-Democrats, the parties chose a joint candidate for the Presidential elections based on the support shown in public opinion polls. The joint candidate, Maia Sandu, got into the second round of the elections but was surpassed by Socialist Igor Dodon by a 70 thousand votes margin.

Note: According to the new electoral system, 51 MPs would be elected from electoral districts and 50 from party lists. The current edition of the electoral law also stipulates that the electoral districts would be formed by a special Government commission, composed of civil society and political parties’ representatives, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities and expert bodies. The shape of the electoral districts would be published one year before the elections. Voters from Transnistria and from abroad would be represented on the geographical basis, besides their electoral “weight”. 7 electoral debates have been organized to debate the draft on the mixed electoral system, but a large part of the civil society and all opposition parties refused to participate and had little involvement stating that the new system does not address the real problems of the electoral process. The Venice Commission strongly advised the Moldovan authorities not to implement the mixed electoral system at the current moment.

Currently studying International Relations at the University of Pécs, Hungary. Study focus: Transnistrian conflict settlement, Moldovan statehood, Moldovan democracy. Inquiries at [email protected]


Dodon, on his official visit to Israel, was decorated with the “Order of the Holy Sepulchre”



The President Dodon and his First Lady are on an official visit to Israel. Dodon’s Facebook has already published a series of photo images from the Yad Vashem Memorial Complex, built in memory of the six million Jews that were exterminated during the Second World War, but also from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

During the meeting, Galina and Igor Dodon had a meeting with HE Mr. Theophilos III, Patriarch of Jerusalem and All of Palestine.

“I told His Holiness about the important role that Orthodox religion plays in the life of Moldovan society. In particular, we noted that, according to the population census, more than 98 per cent of our country’s inhabitants are Orthodox. Orthodox religion is the greatest value of the people of Moldova and one of the pillars of our statehood,” the president wrote on his Facebook page.

During the meeting, Patriarch Teofil handed to the President of the Republic of Moldova “Order of the Holy Sepulchre” for special merits in defending the Orthodox religion.

The Order of the Holy Sepulchre is a religious order created by Godefroy de Bouillon after the conquest of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1099. Founded by the monks, this order was intended to protect the Holy Sepulchre and the liturgical life of the sanctuary. With the multiplication of conquests in the Holy Land, the order expanded to extend its mission to protect the holy places of the entire Jerusalem Kingdom.

In October, Igor Dodon was also decorated by Patriarch Kiril for “the attention paid to the active support of church public initiatives of the Orthodox Church in Moldova.”

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DTPP and PAS signed the agreement to set up the Election Bloc “ACUM” // VIDEO



Yesterday, the Dignity and Truth Platform (DTPP) and the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) signed the agreement to set up the “ACUM DA-PAS Platform” for the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019.

The president of the Dignity and Truth Platform Andrei Nastase said that the formalization of the electoral bloc is carried out in strict accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, with the Constitution and “in strict conformity with the desire of a very significant part of the citizens”.

“Our unity and the manner in which we have so far presented and the way we have acted in the two important elections – the 2016 presidential term and the 2018 municipal government – allow us to say that absolutely nothing can stand in a path to our great desire for freedom and democracy, building a state of law with a functional justice, with a functional economy, with good conditions for a decent living for everyone,” said Andrei Năstase.

The DTPP president admitted that “the current regime will still try to divide the two parties, discredit them.”

In his turn, PAS chairman Maia Sandu mentioned that the two parties unite the desire to put Moldova on the path of normality, to give the honest people a decent home, to create conditions for those who left to come back.

“We unite our commitment to building a rule of law that protects us from all sorts of thieves, usurpers and corrupts. We unite our commitment to promoting economic policies that create conditions for those who can work, to secure their well-being, and those who can not do it, are protected, including economically, by the state,” said Maia Sandu.

Acordul de constituire a Blocului electoral ACUM Platforma DA PAS

Vă invităm să urmăriți în direct semnarea Acordului de constituire a Blocului electoral ACUM Platforma DA și PAS.

Geplaatst door Maia Sandu op Zondag 16 december 2018

Moreover, the Liberal Party, too, decided to take part in the February 24th elections in the bloc ACUM, the president of the Liberal Party Dorin Chirtoaca announced on Sunday, after the meeting of the Political Council of the political party.


“There has been a debate of about three hours. The decision was made by voting to participate in the parliamentary elections within the ACUM block, under the conditions of the 5 points – the compromise that we reached in the discussions we had for a month with PAS, DTPP and PLDM.

Respectively, to consolidate our forces, to have a single pro-European and unionist bloc in these elections, in order to be able to demolish, it is disembarking from the dictatorship already established in the Republic of Moldova,” the ex Chisinau mayor declared.

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RISE Moldova: The new Democratic Party fortress



Last November, the Democratic Party unveiled its logo on the facade of the new headquarters in Armeneasca street in the capital city.

The Democratic Party move out caused an avalanche of changes throughout the whole neighborhood – major repair works, state-evacuated state institutions, restricted parking on the adjacent streets, and the whole region – hard to secure – all this for the comfort and safety of the Democrats, according to a RISE Moldova investigation.

The headquarters of the Democratic Party (PD) are two steps away from the Bulgara boulevard block in which Vladimir Plahotniuc, the leader of the political party, officially lives.

Raised on the terrace of a four-meter-high stand, the building has four floors and over 7,200 square meters.

Until the Democratic Party moves out, the real estate has been devastated for almost ten years. High in 2006-2008 by Stayer SRL, the project site is identified as “administrative building and hotel”. Stayer is the family business of Vladimir Baldovici, a former Communist construction minister.

Officially, the owner of the new Democratic headquarters is the Constar Invest company. She bought the building in January 2017, not two weeks after Plahotniuc took over the leadership of the PD.

Constar Invest was founded in 2008, and true recipients hide behind Jarrow Business, a Belize offshore.


The move of the Democrats to the new house was preceded by a true metamorphosis of the whole area. From the opposite construction, a building with an exit to the Stephen the Great boulevard, several economic agents and state institutions were evicted, such as the State Registration Chamber or the Stock Exchange.

The evacuated authorities include the Judiciary building of the Center district, where alleged criminals were brought to trial daily. As a rule, detainees were disembarked at the back entrance of the building, that is, just in front of the new PD headquarters.

In the building of almost 3,400 square meters it is the exclusive place for several structures of the prosecutor’s office who remains to move into it. Not even before the repairing process began, works worth almost 23 million lei started after the evacuation.

The walls were plastered, the windows and doors were changed, the electricity networks and the sewer system were repaired out of the sum of money. As a matter of fact, the works started behind the building of the Prosecutor’s Office, which points exactly to the main entrance of the Democratic headquarters. The façade was only over a year and it has lasted until now.

The full text of the investigation can be read HERE.

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