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The Academy of Sciences of Moldova has no president anymore. The shady resignation of Gheorge Duca



Since February 2004 till November 2018, Gheorghe Duca was the head of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Recently, he declared that he is going to leave his position because of health issues.

“Suspicions and uncertainty around the renewed case of my family’s income declaration have raised my blood pressure and blood glucose level. I do not want that the health problem I previously had would come back. Unfortunately, under the conditions of the new reforms, my managing experience is no longer required, there are other expectations and other prerogatives,” claimed Duca in an interview for Ziarul de Gardă.

In 2017, prosecutors initiated a criminal proceeding against Gheorghe Duca and Maria Duca (his wife), both being suspected of unjust enrichment. The proceeding was based on a complaint of Ilie Donica, the president of the Institute of Horticulture and Food Technologies, in the autumn of 2016. According to Donica, Gheorghe and Maria Duca would have illegally received in 2015 wages and bonuses in the total amount of about half a million of Lei from the activity carried out within the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (ASM), at the Academy of Sciences University, and some other institutions they were related to. Following Donica’s complaints, an investigation within the Ministry of Finance was renewed regarding the unreported income of Duca family and their undervalued properties.

It is speculated in the media that some of their illegal actions were already confirmed by the investigation of the Ministry of Finance and Mr. and Mrs. Duca confessed and returned a part of the money to the institutions in question.

An investigation conducted within the Journalism Investigative Centre showed that the real value of a holiday villa that was included in the list of their declared properties may exceed 100,000 euros, judging by the prices in that area. The villa is 658 square meters and is located in the town of Borsec, Harghita County, Romania. In the documents, the house value is only 12,500 euros. The president of the ASM told journalists that anyone can buy a villa in Borsec because it’s cheap.

In 2014, the National Integrity Commission has found that Gheorghe Duca and his wife violated the legal status of income and property declaration for 2013. The results of the investigation revealed that he did not declare 4 lands outside the city, 17 bank accounts, and the ownership of shares in several commercial companies.

Gheorghe Duca denied any allegations against him and his family.

“I do not consider myself guilty, I didn’t do any fraud schemes, but I have consolidated the properties of the Academy and didn’t allow the land privatization. I would have wanted, or not… to possess all the properties mentioned in the accusations. Our wealth was acquired during 40 years of activity of two people who had good positions and benefited from high salaries. Both my wife and I had an apartment when we married. Finally, we had parents who supported us and left us an inheritance of the assets they had accumulated.”

Duca states that the Academy of Sciences of Moldova registered impressive achievements during his presidency, the most important of them being the salaries raise, the growth of investments in science and the rehabilitation of the Academy’s infrastructure. “We were the first country from the post-Soviet area to be fully accepted in the European research area,” Duca said proudly in a dialog with

However, he forgot to mention that, for example, the current wage for a researcher – 4800 lei (approximately 250 euro), that was increased from 500 lei in 2004, has been influenced by inflation and national currency depreciation.

“The Moldovan scientific community is highly appreciated in the European research area for its performance, given its limited resources, as well as for its flexibility and readiness to promote integration into the scientific community,” said Duca. Later in the same interview, he mentioned that in the period of 2014-2016, only 24 projects out of 242 proposals were financed by the European Commission.  

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The complaints filed by Vlad Filat with the European Court of Human Rights will be examined as a matter of priority



Victor Munteanu, the lawyer of the former prime minister of Moldova – Vlad Filat, submitted a petition requesting to prioritize the examination of the complaints advanced earlier to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) regarding the case of Vlad Filat. The request was approved, as on January 9th the representative of Vlad Filat was informed that the complaints will be examined as a matter of priority.

When examining such requests, the Court takes into account the importance and urgency of the issues raised by the applicants. In the case of Vlad Filat’s requests, the President of Section II decided that the complaints should be treated as a matter of priority.

Vlad Filat was arrested in the Parliament building on October 15th, 2015, after a declaration made by Ilan Şor concerning the Great Moldovan Bank Robbery. The former prime minister of Moldova was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, being accused of lobbyism and passive corruption. The estimated damage reached the amount of 250 million dollars, being represented by funds that were withdrawn from state-owned banks.

Vlad Filat has filed two complaints to the European Court of Human Rights, through which he claimed violation of human rights protected by the European Convention: the right to liberty and security, detention conditions, the right to a fair trial, deprivation of the deputy mandate before the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice was announced and the political nature of the criminal case started against him.

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Take a look at Vlad Plahotniuc’s new business affairs from the United Arab Emirates and the Samoa Islands



Moldovan Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc’s declaration of wealth has been made public on the Central Electoral Commission website.

Thus, the candidate of the Moldovan Parliament and oligarch declares that during the period 2017-2018 he might have received benefits and dividends of over 4.550.000, 11.600.000 lei and 347.500 dollars from his new business – Vanguard International Ltd in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates United, business affairs of which no one knew before, writes

Offshore in Samoa

Another 4.200.000 lei, declared by Vladimir Plahotniuc, represents the return of his share in Prime Capital SRL, a company that was liquidated in October 2018 and which had Andrian Candu and Cezara Salinski as business partners.

Moreover, the Democrat Party leader declares 1.000.000 dollars collected from the sale of a car, but also another offshore named Vanguard International Group Ltd (aka Vanguard International Group) in Apia, the capital of the Samoa islands in the Pacific Ocean.

An antique books collection worth 11.000.000 lei and other bank accounts

Plahotniuc also reports volumes of antique books worth 3.200.000 lei, books of universal value worth 7.800.000 lei, a piano worth 131.000 euros, 4 luxury Mercedes vehicles with a total value of about 5.000.000 lei and 5 buildings, including an apartment of 235 square meters, a commercial space of 300 square meters and two garages.

Vladimir Plahotniuc holds more than 500.000 euros on the accounts of the banks he owns: Victoriabank, Moldova-AgroindBank, and Mobiasbanca, over 700,000 dollars and hundreds of thousands of lei, writes

Vladimir Plahotniuc is the president of the Democratic Party of Moldova since December 2016.

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The CEC declined to register the candidates of the “Shor” party

The 51 candidates of the “Shor” Party were not registered in the electoral race. The Central Electoral Commission has identified a number of deviations regarding the set of documents submitted. The formation can eliminate the irregularities by January 24th.



Yesterday, 2nd of January, the Central Electoral Commission in Chisinau refused to register a Socialist Party candidate, one candidate from the bloc ACUM and nine candidates from the Communist Party, because of failing to submit certificates of integrity.

Ilan Shor was sentenced to seven and a half years in jail in June 2017. On the same day, he was released from home arrest until today, under “judicial control”, until the final sentence by the Court of Call Cahul.

The “Shor” party was not registered by the Central Electoral Commission following several irregularities detected in the acts filed by the party. According to CEC president Alina Russu, there is time for corrections and filing the case again by January 24th.

“The president approves, signs and presents the list of candidates, according to the laws, but the list is not signed by the president,” said Vasile Gafton, CEC member, mentioning that this is a serious mistake.

The Central Electoral Commission registered yesterday, January 2, the first electoral contestants in the national constituency at the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019:

  1. Democratic Party of Moldova (with 53 candidates);
  2. Political Party “Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova” (with 54 candidates).
  3. Election Bloc “ACUM – DPPA and PAS” (with 54 candidates);
  4. Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (with 41 candidates).

The CEC has also registered the electoral symbols for printing in the ballot papers, confirmed the representatives with consultative voting rights and the persons responsible for the treasurers of the respective electoral contestants.

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