Source: Privesc.EU

The President of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, was elected as one of the 32 Vice-Presidents of the Socialist International at the 25th Congress which takes place during 2-4 March in Cartagena, Columbia.

The Moldovan oligarch is thus joining an important international political family. Plahotniuc will hold a mandate for 4 years along with the mandate of the President George Papandreou and the Secretary General Luis Ayala.

25th Congress of the Socialist International

Plahotniuc was not present at the Congress himself, but was represented by the honorary President of the Moldovan Democrats, Dumitru Diacov.

The Democratic Party of Moldova is member of the Socialist International starting from 2012. The Socialist International unites over 153 social-democratic, socialist and workers’ parties and political organizations.

Despite the fact he holds no governmental position, Vlad Plahotniuc is known for his control over the Government, judiciary branch, prosecution system and the anti-corruption bodies through his proxy Democratic Party, vassal-parties and particular persons in the top of management of Moldovan institutions.

Vlad Plahotniuc is often called the one and only oligarch left in Moldova, the grey eminence or the puppeteer of Moldovan politics. He was elected as the leader of the Moldovan Democratic Party at the 8th Congress in December 2016. Some say that the party’s name might change to “Social-Democratic” in order to seem more developed and somehow progressive.