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Russian Duma asks Pervyi Kanal to cease contract with Vlad Plahotniuc, following Moldova’s “anti-propaganda” law


24 January 2018- 424 deputies of the Russian State Duma condemned in a declaration the “discrimination of Russian media” in Moldova and asked the state channel Pervyi Kanal to cease the contract with the outlets owned by the Moldovan politician Vlad Plahotniuc, reports Parlamentskaya Gazeta.

The head of Duma’s committee for CIS affairs, Leonid Kalashnikov, declared that Plahotniuc is using the entertainment shows from Pervyi Kanal (for his “Prime TV”-, but replaces the news programmes. Moreover, Kalashnikov thinks that the Russian deputies must “give a personal mark” to Vlad Plahotniuc, who holds Russian citizenship and who is investigated for “attempted murder”.

“The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation sees such actions on the behalf of the “coordinator” of the governing coalition V. G. Plahotniuc, effectively usurping the power in the state, as a serious violation of the generally-recognized international law norms in the domain of free access to information, affecting the rights of a significant part of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, and qualifies these actions as another anti-Russian act”, reads the document, quoted by RIA Novosti.

The statement of the Russian deputies reads that the “anti-propaganda” law initiated by Plahotniuc and adopted by the Moldovan authorities seriously violates declarations and conventions on human rights, asking the UN, the Council of Europe and the OSCE to evaluate the law.The deputies agree that the Russian government must ensure the access to Russian TV shows to the Moldovan population.

The adopted law, readopted on 22 December 2017 and promulgated on 10 January 2018, provides the permission for TV and radio broadcasting of informative, analytical, military and political content that is produced in the countries that ratified the European Convention on Transborder Television, EU member states, US and Canada. The law also stipulates sanctions for broadcasters that violate the law: from fines to canceling broadcasting licenses in less than 30 days by a court. Most probably, the law is directed against the Russian propaganda TV shows that are rebroadcasted in Moldova through the local franchises.

Plahotniuc owns the most-watched TV channel in Moldova, Prime TV, that rebroadcasts Russian “Pervyi Kanal”, probably the most popular piece of Kremlin’s propaganda machine. On the other hand, NTV Moldova, belonging to a Socialist MP and known for best coverage of Igor Dodon, and partially rebroadcasting NTV from Russia, would likely suffer from the “anti-propaganda” law.

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James Pettit: The process of European integration is slowing down

Compared to the year 2016, Moldova’s European integration process has recently slowed down. The statement belongs to the US Ambassador to Chisinau, James Pettit. During a show at TVR Moldova television, the diplomat mentioned that a cause of the slowdown may be the fact that the Republic of Moldova is on the verge of parliamentary elections, IPN reports.

The ambassador considers that the biggest challenge in terms of European integration of the Republic of Moldova is corruption, which exists in all areas. At the same time, the diplomat claims that there are several areas that are not working well, including the legal sector that has not made much progress in recent years. As a national tragedy, the ambassador called the migration of the population of the Republic of Moldova.

The Ambassador said that the US is providing training through its programs for judges, lawyers, and civil servants.

“From time to time we have experts in the US or in Europe who can train these officials,” declared Pettit.

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Former communist deputy – the candidacy of the Government for the position of ambassador of R. Moldova in Switzerland

Oxana Domenti, the communist deputy who, in December 2017, renounced the parliamentary mandate and announced that she left politics, is the candidature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) for the position of Moldovan ambassador in the Swiss Confederation.

Today, September 12, her candidacy was approved by the Parliamentary Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission. Moreover, the Ambassador will hold the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova at the UN Office in Geneva.

Pursuant to the Article 10 of the Law on Diplomatic Service, plenipotentiary ambassadors, permanent representatives, envoys and permanent envoys of duty, heads of diplomatic missions – are appointed and recalled by the President of the Republic of Moldova on a Government proposal.

Respectively, the candidacy of Oxana Domenti is to be approved by the members of the Executive, and the appointment decree is to be signed by the president Igor Dodon.

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Andrian Candu about the 7 expelled Turkish citizens: the case is not related to today’s government in Moldova or Turkey

Photo: Facebook // Nadejda Roșcovanu

Today, Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker, held a press conference after the parliamentary hearings in the case of the expulsion of 7 Turkish citizens from the country, organized on the platform of the National Security, Defense and Public Order Commission and the Parliamentary Control Committee on the Information and Security Service.

“It should be noted that this subject is complicated. Since 1997-1998, the SIS has overwhelmed terrorism ( referring to the 7 Turkish expelled citizens). In the last 3-4 years, 48 foreign persons are oversight. 18 were declared undesirable and 7 were expelled. They have no connection with whoever is in Moldova or Turkey,” declared Candu among other statements.

According to the official, during the last 4-5 years, there are 60-70 expulsions and this is not a novelty for the authorities.

After completing his speech, Andrian Candu left the conference room without answering the questions of any attending journalists.

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