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Industrial hemp could be soon cultivated in Moldova

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment has launched a draft law that allows the cultivation of an exclusively industrial cannabis in the Republic of Moldova for the production of fiber, seeds, oil and biomass.



This will require authorization, which will be obtained under simplified conditions.

Among the advantages of allowing the cultivation of hemp are that it would increase the competitiveness of Moldovan farmers as well as make Moldova a supplier and importer of sufficiently demanded derivatives in global markets.

“The Cannabis plant has provided humanity with food, health products (the only vegetable oil with an ideal fat ratio of Omega 3,6,9), clothes, antiseptic and ecological construction material for the construction of houses. Little is known about the nutritional and therapeutic value of Cannabis products – seeds, protein, flour and vegetable oil,” shows the project elaborated by the MADRM Working Group.

The hemp has the best construction material and bedding for animals with antiseptic and anti-mold properties. One hectare of industrial hemp provides raw material for a volume of hemp concrete sufficient to build a medium-sized house. Moreover, one hectare of hemp offers as much paper pulp as 4 hectares of forest.

The Republic of Moldova could become a modern pharmaceutical country, a supplier of raw materials for the latest modern technologies, starting with the bioplastic and ending with composite materials with specific properties, according to experts in the field.


World Bank provides $10 million loan to Moldova for education reform



16 February 2018- The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved a 10 million USD loan for Moldova’s education system reform.

The loan with a maturity of 30 years is aimed at improving learning conditions in targeted schools and strengthen Moldova’s education monitoring systems while promoting efficiency reforms.

“One of our biggest concerns is the mismatch between labor market demand and the current training offered by Moldova’s educational system,” said Anna Akhalkatsi, World Bank Country Manager for Moldova.

According to a WB press-release, a considerable number of Moldovan students, teachers, and school managers will benefit from expanded training activities, the further provision of science laboratories and ICT equipment, as well as training for teaching support staff to promote inclusive education for students with special needs and/or disabilities.

Moldova Education Reform Project of the World Bank is worth 40 million USD started in 2013 and end in June 2019.

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Moldova Socialists submit motion on economic policy



15 February 2018- The caucus of the Socialists’ Party of Moldova submitted to the Parliament a simple motion against the policy conducted by the Economy and Infrastructure, led by minister Chiril Gaburici. The Socialists are complaining about the “disastrous” economic state of the country.

According to Socialist MP Vasile Bolea, the year of 2017 was a total failure because of the over-taxation and cut capital investment policies.

“The submission of this motion represents our will to call on the minister to participate in a debate to explain the causes for economic disaster, to talk about the state of the national economy, jobs, the cut public investment, about the state enterprises that are sold for small money. The policy is going in the wrong direction and does not represent the interests of the citizens”, declared Bolea.

The motion is reportedly being sent to the Government.

Chiril Gaburici was sworn in as Economy minister at the beginning of January 2018.

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US Ambassador: Moldova’s “progress disappointed” in 2017, some laws are “a step back”



The United States Ambassador to Moldova, James D. Pettit, declared in a TV8 interview that Moldova’s “progress” was disappointing in 2017. According to Pettit, some laws promoted by the Moldovan authorities constituted “a step back for the country”.

“Last years, the international development partners were slightly disappointed with the lack of progress. Recently, (I) have seen different draft laws that were effectively a step back”, declared His Excellency. As dubious and problematic, Pettit mentioned the switch to the new electoral system and the draft law on the “decriminalizing of the economic crimes”, pushed by the Economy Ministry. At the same time, he pointed out that corruption is the problem number one and that Moldova needs structural reforms, not only technical ones.

Ambassador Pettit is not impressed by the 4% economic growth either:

We are happy to have seen economic growth, but I would say that 4% for such a small country like Moldova is a relatively modest achievement”, added the American Ambassador.

Despite the critique brought by the US and EU Ambassadors, the Prime-Minister, Pavel Filip, did not renounce from the draft law on “decriminalizing economic crimes”, claiming that the idea came out of the “discussions with business”.

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