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MP: If the union with Romania happens, I will take my weapon to defend the Gagauz autonomy




24 February 2018- The Democrat MP, Corneliu Dudnic, declared that in the case of Moldova uniting with Romania, he would be the first to take his weapon to defend the Gagauz autonomy. The declaration was made during an assembly of regional and local governments of Gagauzia in Tomai, next to Ceadîr-Lunga.

“Just to close this discussion on unionism, I am promising that if this project of Union ever takes place, I will be the first to take my automatic rifle and to defend the Gagauz autonomy”, said Dudnic. The Democrat MP also promised to elaborate a draft law on banning political parties with unionist messages.

Over one thousand people from all over Gagauzia gathered to condemn the symbolic declarations of some 50 villages on union with Romania.

The Gagauz leader, Irina Vlah, declared that Gagauzia must stay within an independent Moldova:

“I would like that this meeting confirms that we are interested in consolidating the statehood of Moldova. I am sure that a strong Gagauzia can exist only in a strong Moldova”, underlined Vlah, quoted by

Other leaders from Gagauzia, such as former head of the Council of “the Republic of Gagauzia”, Mihai Kendigelyan, or the current head of the People’s Assembly, Vladimir Kyssa, proposed to call 2018 the year of Romanian occupation of Gagauzia- apparently because of the period of 1918-1940.

Most of the speakers at the assembly were mostly concerned about Gagauzia’s possible loss of autonomy in case Moldova loses the statehood:

“If the state is eliminated, what kind of Gagauzia’s competencies are we talking about? Thus, first of all, we need to talk about consolidating the statehood of our country”, stated former regional deputy, Ivan Burgundji.

What President Dodon and Gagauz people call anti-constitutional and threatening acts are just some symbolical statements of local councils from about 50 villages, towns or district councils on the occasion of the 1859 Romanian Union Day.

Gagauzia was established in 1994 as an autonomy for around 150 000 Gagauz (Turkic origin) people in the south of the Republic of Moldova.

Currently studying International Relations at the University of Pécs, Hungary. Study focus: Transnistrian conflict settlement, Moldovan statehood, Moldovan democracy.


Gagauzia leader about autonomy’s quota in new electoral system: “We were lied to”



The bashkan of Gagauzia, Irina Vlah, showed her dissatisfaction during a yearly press conference regarding the quota of MPs set for the region in the new electoral system, reports TV8.

“We were lied to. Initially, the discussion was about five mandates, then we were talking about three mandates within the implemented mixed system. As a result, we ended up only with two mandates”, says Vlah.

The leader of the region is also dissatisfied with the distribution of electoral districts within Gagauzia but made it clear that the situation is convenient to the Democrats.

Vlah supported the idea of a special law offering a quota of 5 MPs for Gagauzia by default.

According to the new electoral system, 51 MPs would be elected from electoral districts and 50 from party lists. The Venice Commission strongly advised the Moldovan authorities not to implement the mixed electoral system at the current moment.

Gagauzia was established in 1994 as an autonomy for around 150 000 Gagauz (Turkish origin) people in the south of the Republic of Moldova.

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Gagauzia’s budget for 2018 estimated at 706 million lei



The draft law on the budget of Gagauzia for 2018 was recently approved by the Executive Committee of the autonomy, reports

According to the chief of the finance department of the region, Tatiana Doycheva, the budget of 706 295 000 lei is more balanced between earnings and expenditures. Gagauzia’s own earnings are expected to be over 307 million lei. The biggest part of the expenditures, 336 million lei, will be made into the financing of the education system, also financed from the republican budget. Significant funds will be dedicated to the 8 social programs of the region. Some 15 million will be dedicated to the Fund of Contribution, 50 million to the Capital Investment Fund, 5 million to the Fund for Supporting Entrepreneurship and 800 thousand lei for the Fund of Gagauzia’s development.

The draft budget is now to be directed to the People’s Assembly, the regional parliament, for full adoption. The 2017 budget of Gagauzia was evaluated at 570 million lei.

Gagauzia was established in 1994 as an autonomy for around 150 000 Gagauz (Turkish origin) people in the south of the Republic of Moldova.

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Moldova Government rejects draft giving Gagauzia 3 single-member electoral districts



On October 25th, the Government of Moldova gave a red light to the draft law of the Socialists on increasing Gagauzia’s quota to 3 single-member districts in the eventual “electoral districts map” of the mixed electoral system.

According to, the Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari motivated the refusal with the argument that the electoral laws should not be changed in the last year before the elections, as the 2002 Venice Commission recommendations say. In response, one of the coauthors of the draft, Vladimir Țurcan, called the motivation “nonsense”, adding that there is still time until the end of October. Țurcan declared that the draft took into consideration OSCE recommendations on the participation of national minorities into social-political life. The Socialist underlined that taking into account the voter population of over 133 thousand, one district would get more than 66 thousand voters- way more than other electoral districts.

The draft of the Socialists proposed the formation of three electoral districts with “relatively equal number of voters” within Gagauzia, but also the obligation of including at least two representatives of ethnic minorities living in Moldova on party lists.

According to the new system, 51 MPs would be elected from electoral districts and 50 from party lists. The current edition of the electoral law also stipulates that the electoral districts would be formed by a special Government commission, composed of civil society and political parties’ representatives, as well as representatives of ethnic minorities and expert bodies. The shape of the electoral districts would be published one year before the elections. Voters from Transnistria and from abroad would be represented on the geographical basis, besides their electoral “weight”. 7 electoral debates have been organized to debate the draft on the mixed electoral system, but a large part of the civil society and all opposition parties refused to participate and had little involvement stating that the new system does not address the real problems of the electoral process.

The Venice Commission strongly advised the Moldovan authorities not to implement the mixed electoral system at the current moment.

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