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Moldova prosecutors launch case on attempt of kidnapping and assassination of Transnistria ex-leader Shevchuk

In an interview for, Nicolae Chitoroagă, chief prosecutor of Prosecution Office for Organized Crime, declared that a penal case was initiated on the attempt of kidnapping and assassination of the former leader of the separatist Transnistria, Evgeny Shevchuk, and his family.

According to Chitoroagă, the case was launched on 17 of July after a complaints had been submitted by Shevchuk, who identified himself as citizen of the Russian Federation:

“I want to tell you that the danger he referred to is absolutely real. As a consequence, he and his family are protected by the laws of the Republic of Moldova, like every citizen on the territory of Moldova. We are obliged to ensure the health and security of these people”, said Chitoroagă.

Asked about an allegation of high treason committed by Shevchuk as a separatist leader, the chief prosecutor said that it is under examination. Previously, Promo-LEX human rights group stated that there are, at least, three penal reasons to arrest Shevchuk.

Suspected of huge frauds by the current separatist administration, former president of the breakaway Transnistria, Evgeny Shevchuk, found refuge on the right bank of Nistru river- territory controlled by the constitutional authorities, where nobody would expect a Transnistrian politician to refuge in. Shevchuk chose (or had to choose) the right bank to escape from a potential assasination ordered by the Transnistrian “Sheriff” corporation chief, Victor Gushan. In several Facebook posts, the former so-called president took up to explain that his former boss (Shevchuk previously worked for Sheriff) actually controls the government in the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic through his proxies in the Supreme Soviet and the current leader Vadim Krasnoselski. In his opinion, the region’s prosecutors illegally conducted searches at his Dacha in Stroentzy village in Rybnitsa district, at the same time by threatening his parents.

Evgeny Shevchuk was the president of the breakaway region between 2011 and 2016.

Currently studying International Relations at the University of Pécs, Hungary. Study focus: Transnistrian conflict settlement, Moldovan statehood, Moldovan democracy. Inquiries at [email protected]

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Democrat VP Cristina Balan nominated as Moldova Ambassador to the US

8 May 2018- The leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, Vlad Plahotniuc, announced during his weekly briefing about the nomination of Cristina Balan in the position of Moldovan Ambassador to the United States of America.

Balan’s nomination was consulted with the Parliament’s Committee for Foreign Affairs and European Integration on the same day. Now, Balan has to be confirmed by the Government and then entrusted by the President of Moldova.Cristina Balan, nominalizată pentru ocuparea funcÅ£iei de ambasador al Republicii Moldova în  SUA. CV-ul Cristinei Balan

Cristina Balan is the Vice-President of the Democratic Party, being in charge of the party’s foreign affairs. Balan is also an active member of the Socialist International, being part of the Committee for Budget and Finances. In 2017, she received the prize of the “Women of the Year in Politics”. According to her CV, Balan has worked in private companies for more than 15 years. She is also the president of the Foundation for Modern Democracy.

Foreign policy expert and PAS Vice-President, Mihai Popșoi, has criticized the nomination of Balan, suggesting her Ambassadorship will serve the interests of her former boss, Vlad Plahotniuc:

“The mission of Mrs. Balan at Washington will rather one of coordinating the lobby efforts of her party leader because PDM’s PR budget in the US is way bigger than that the budget of the Embassy. The decision to nominate a person without the necessary training, though from the closest circle of the coordinator, denotes the lack of human resources within PD, but also the lack of trust towards our diplomatic corps”, posted Popșoi, mentioning that Balan participated the privatization of the Codru hotel.

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MP leaves Democratic Party, Moldova Parliament for “New Gagauzia” group

27 April 2018- The Member of the Moldovan Parliament, Nikolay Dudoglo, announced about his withdrawal from the Democratic Party (PDM) and the withdrawal of his MP mandate.

Dudoglo was reportedly asked by the Democratic leadership to choose between his membership in the party and his participation in a new regional political movement “Eni Gagauzia” (New Gagauzia). In a press release of the organization, the Gagauz MP and former Comrat mayor stated that he chose to lead New Gagauzia because “it is time to make Gagauzia a strong region”.

Dudoglo confessed that despite having a fruitful work with PDM members, he abstained from voting for projects that did not coincide with his vision on Gagauzia. His recent activity within New Gagauzia posed a problem for the Democrats:

“The leadership of PDM believes that some of my actions, that I undertook from Gagauzia’s perspective, violate the principles of the party and the European vector of the development of the State”, said the MP.

Dudoglo underlined that he would remain politically active as a “leader” of his people:

“I stay with the conviction that we need to act the way our people want. I am sure that I can fulfill serious tasks, which are put before us by life, being an independent leader of my people (literal meaning nation–“, concluded Dudoglo, expressing his hope for understanding and support.

New Gagauzia reportedly joined the Democratic Party of Moldova in 2012.

Gagauzia was established in 1994 as an autonomy for around 150 000 Gagauz (Turkish origin) people in the south of the Republic of Moldova. Gagauzia’s leadership is composed of the directly elected bashkan, now Irina Vlah, and the People’s Assembly.

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Silvia Radu resigns from position of Chișinău interim mayor to participate in elections

25 April 2018- Silvia Radu announced that she would resign from the position of interim mayor of Chișinău. The decision was made after she was registered as an independent candidate in the mayoral elections from May 20th.

“I am leaving the leadership of the City Council to win the elections. I want the changes in this city to go on, to have a European city. I wish that all projects initiated by me continued. They are projects that the city needs”said Radu, mentioning that she would finance her campaign from her family’s money.

The responsibilities of interim mayor would thus go to the vice-mayor, Ruslan Codreanu.

So far, 12 candidates registered for the mayoral race in Chișinău. The elections were announced early because of the resignation of Dorin Chirtoacă, investigated in a corruption case.

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