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Fire breaks out in Chișinău storage facility. One firefighter dead, one person declared missing

Firefighters in Chișinău have been battling the flames at a storage facility in Moldova’s capital for more than 24 hours. The source of the conflagration has been located at around 1:30 PM today.

The fire broke out some time around 10 AM on Friday. A total of 18 firetrucks and 100 firemen have been dispatched.

One firefighter has dies fighting the flames, while 8 others are injured. Two of the persons in the building were evacuated, while a third one, a 44-years old woman, has been declared missing.

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Moldova loses over 10% of its human development due to inequality

Moldova ranks 112th out of 189 countries and territories, according to the Human Development Index (IDU) measuring national achievements in health, education, and income. The value of Moldova’s IDU for 2017 is 0.700, placing the country in the category of high human development.

Due to inequality, HDI drops to 0.627, which means a loss of 10.4%.

Between 1990 and 2017, IDU for Moldova increased by 7.5%. However, the growth rate is slower than in countries such as Albania and Armenia. For every 100,000 newborns, 23 women die due to pregnancy complications. The birth rate among girls aged 15 to 19 is 22 per 1,000 women. Women’s participation in the labor market is 39.5%, compared with 45.8% for men.

Women in Moldova live longer but earn less

The Gender inequality index has a value of 0.226 for the Republic of Moldova, ranking it in 2017 in the 48th place out of 160 countries.

Life expectancy at birth for women in Moldova is 76 years, compared with 67.4 years for men. Women’s income represents three-quarters of men’s earnings.

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UN Office for Human Rights in Moldova: We are concerned about the expulsion of the Turkish citizens

The UN Office for Human Rights in Moldova reacted to the expulsion of the seven teachers from the Moldovan-Turkish Orizont High School.

In a post on the Facebook page of the world organization, it is revealed that UN officials in Moldova are worried about the way in which Turkish citizens were expelled.

“We are concerned about the deportation of Turkish citizens, including asylum seekers, with apparent violations of procedural guarantees.”

UN officials in Chisinau urge authorities to comply with international standards.

“We call on the authorities of the Republic of Moldova to stop such practices and to comply with the international provisions on refugees and human rights.”

Reminder: The Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) has expelled seven Turkish citizens suspected of having links with an Islamist group (a group about which there are indications that they are carrying out illegal actions in several countries), was declared undesirable by competent bodies and expelled from the territory of the Republic Moldova. The 7 Turkish citizens are currently in a penitentiary in Istanbul. They were removed from the RM with another identity.

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Johannes Hahn on the expulsion of “Orizont” Turkish high school teachers: “I expect the Government of Moldova to respect the rule of law”

The subject of the expulsion of Turkish teachers from the “Orizont” Turkish high school came to the attention of European officials. EU Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, urged Chisinau to respect the rule of law. His message awakened the supporters on the Internet, who left numerous comments calling for help in rescuing teachers.

The daughter of one of the Turkish citizens expelled on Thursday sent a desperate message to the authorities:

“My father is not a terrorist. Please release him.”

The call was made yesterday at Chisinau Airport, where relatives and colleagues of the seven people employed at Orizont High School waited to find out where they are and what happened to them.

The girl declared that when she went to school with her family, her father was forced to get into a big car.

“We cried out and ran after him, but they closed the door and drove away,” the girl said.

Reminder: On Thursday, SIS announced that seven foreign citizens suspected of ties to an Islamist group were declared undesirable by competent authorities and will get expelled from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Amnesty International Moldova said that the security service was carried out with outrageous violation of the rules on freedom and security of persons stipulated in the conventions which the Republic of Moldova is part of.

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