On March 20th, “Avia Invest”, the company that manages the Chișinău International Airport, announced about building a new 2400 m runway until May 2017.

The D 2400 meters long and 45 wide runway is being built, so that starting from May 2017 the old 3590 meters runway can be repaired without disturbing the air traffic at the airport.

The new runway is built by the German “Strabag Grup” together with the Moldovan “Exfactor-Grup”. According to Avia Invest manager, Petru Jardan, the runways will not work at the same time when both are ready.

The project costs are estimated at 15-16 million euros, but Jardan refused to name who is the investor, stressing to ask for information at the State Registration Chamber.

The International Airport of Chișinău concession to Avia-Invest under dubious conditions in 2013 has been a subject of controversy in the Moldovan society as a case of high-level corruption. Avia-Invest is considered to be an off-shore company with dubious shareholders and almost no experience in the aviatic services industry. The even more dubious businessman and mayor of Orhei, Ilan Shor, is the head of the administration council of Avia-Invest. Shor’s Air Klassica, a service provider in the airport, received a 40,4 million lei loan from the defrauded Unibank in 2014.

Even if the AntiCorruption Center recommended the cancelling of the contract in August 2015, the Justice Minister Vladimir Cebotari found no reasons for that and the prosecutors didn’t do anything to investigate the concession of the Chișinău airport, in the context of its rapidly growing traffic and profit.