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US Ambassador in Moldova: The publication of the Kroll II report is a good start

Chief of the US Diplomatic Mission in Chisinau, James D. Pettit, believes that the publication of the second Kroll report is a significant achievement in the theft investigation in the banking system.

“The publication of this report is a significant achievement. It is a beginning. Before any investigation, the name must be hidden. This may create difficulties in the future to end the investigation,” said James D. Pettit during the “In PROfunzime” talk show.

He added that the Moldovan authorities have already taken steps to identify and recover money, but banking laws in other countries could slow down this process.

“I have the impression that they have taken a few steps to identify by which banks this stolen money has gone. Probably much effort is needed to continue this investigation because it is about cooperation with different countries. There are a few countries that cooperate quite well and in other countries there is no cooperation, perhaps because of banking laws,” added the US ambassador.

Currently studying Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art. Based in The Hague, The Netherlands.


Moldovan photographer, Ramin Mazur, winner of “Photojournalist” title within the EyeEm Photography Awards 2017

The EyeEm photo community chose the best photographer of the year and the winners are split into five categories: “Architecture”, “Outdoors”, “Photojournalist”, “Portraitist” and “Street photographer” for the 4th consecutive year. This time, the photo contest broke its own records by the number of participants: more than 590,000 works from more than 88,000 photographers from around the world. This year, the main winner is the 19-year-old Sasha Dudkina from Moscow.

The Moldovan photographer as well as part of the team – Ramin Mazur, 30 – won with the title of “Photojournalist”.

The photo was taken in Penitentiary No. 17 in the Republic of Moldova.


Here are some of the works from Ramin’s “The Process” series, documenting the production of Hamlet in prison.

In Moldova, one of the highest per capita prison population in Europe has the highest long-term convicts. In order to shed light on the problems of the penitentiary system, the art center “Colosseum” staged a play in the country’s safest prison. Within a few months the prisoners studied the art of acting. Some of them have spent more than half their life behind bars. Through this production, the directors Mihai Fusu and Luminita Tika wanted to draw attention to the living conditions of the country, to the penitentiary system and, most importantly, to stereotypes.

More photos from the series:

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“Rapid Trident 2017” Exercise in process// GALLERY

The first pictures of the “Rapid Trident 2017” military exercise in Ukraine, attended by 57 Moldovan soldiers from the National Army have appeared on a Facebook group intended for the international military exercises.

The training session “Rapid Trident 2017” takes place during September 7-23 at the Yavoriv International Peacekeeping Center in Ukraine. There are about 1,800 soldiers from 14 countries: Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Georgia, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Republic of Moldova is represented by 57 soldiers of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and the 1st “Moldova” Brigade.

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The Government decided: 57 Moldovan soldiers will join the “Rapid Trident” applications in Ukraine

57 National Army soldiers will participate in Ukraine’s “Rapid Trident” applications. The decision was taken by the Government shortly afterwards. “The government, by law, is obliged to ensure the increase of the capabilities of the National Army.

“I see no reason to refuse the training invitations for the National Army,” Prime Minister Pavel Filip explained.

Reminder: President Dodon tried to block the participation of the Moldovan military contingent in a multinational “Rapid Trident” exercise, from September 7-23, at the military training center Yavoriv, Ukraine.

Moldovan soldiers will be ready for further participation in Kosovo peacekeeping missions “KFOR”. The Head of the Executive also asked Defense and Justice Ministries to analyze the situation and find legal solutions to prevent such bottlenecks in the future.

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