President signs decree to dismiss Agriculture Minister Eduard Grama for corruption charges

On March 20th, Moldova’s President, Igor Dodon, signed the decree on the dismissal of Eduard Grama from the position of Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry. Previously, Prime-Minister submitted a request of dismissal.

In regard to this dismissal, Dodon commented that he is waiting for more dismissals like this, because “there are many corrupt officials in the Government”:

“I will sign the dismissal of every member of Filip Government. Technocrats, professionals must be promoted, not those on political criteria. I am ready to sign every day decrees of dismissal for the officials of this government”, underlined Dodon.


Investigators found proof of Grama’s involvement in a case of corruption regarding the appropriation of 9,9 hectares of a portion of a land. Additional searches at Minister’s office and home were conducted before Grama himself was arrested by the anti-corruption officers.

The searches are part of the case on the attempts to appropriate 30 hectares of land from Stăuceni suburb of Chișinău, land belonging to the Wine-making and Wine-culture College.

According to an investigation conducted by RISE Moldova, the 4,5 million euros land was appropriated by the businessman Tudor Ungureanu by bribing at least two officials from the Agriculture Ministry. In the context of the investigation, Minister Grama declared that he did not know anything about the business, delegating the responsibility to a former Vice-Minister, but still mentioning that he was offered to participate as well.

In November 2016, 12 persons, including officials, businessmen and lawyers, were arrested in regard to the appropriation of the 30 hectares. They were accused of fraud, passive and active corruption, influence traffic and making false documents.