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Dmitry Rogozin, angry at Plahotniuc: He is the reason for the travel ban in the Republic of Moldova

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin says that the leader of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plohatniuc, is the reason behind his ban on entering Moldova. The statements were made during an interview with the Russian TV channel “Rossia24”.

“Why is this happening? Moldova is a small country and very often becomes the object on which the West puts a lot of pressure, the Americans in the first place. In addition, the disaster from 1991 led to the formation of mafia groups. Finally, these mafia groups coalesced into a large group headed by one man, I have already pronounced his name, Mr. Plahotniuc, who controls absolutely everything in this country,” Rogozin said.

Reminder: After a failed attempt by Rogozin to come to Moldova this July to participate in the celebration dedicated to the 25 years since the beginning of the Dniestrovy Peacekeeping Operation, the Moldovan authorities declared Rogozin persona non grata in Moldova. Dmitry Rogozin has allowed himself to give defamatory assessments to the Republic of Moldova and, implicitly, to our citizens. Also, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister has had offensive opinions against the authorities of our country, which have a denigrating and a hypocrite character.


Could President Dodon be held accountable for his statements at the World Congress of Families?

The 12th World Congress of the Family takes place on September 14-16, in Chisinau, under the patronage of President Igor Dodon.

Yesterday, President Igor Dodon delivered a speech in the onset of the World Congress of the Family, in which he said that “the organization of sexual minority festivals and other activities promoting anti-family and immoral principles must be firmly condemned and even outlawed.”

„I am convinced that such propaganda should not take place in our society,” was one of Dodon’s declarations.

Reminder: On Thursday, September 13, the Promo-LEX Association published a Manifesto for Respect, warning that the previous Congress editions have proven an aggressive speech against social groups.

Promo-LEX: “Promotes an anti-abortion and anti-divorce speech that diminishes from women’s independence to freedom of choice, opinion and personal life, as well as an anti-lgbt speech and anti-family relationship outside of marriage. The discourse that incites hatred and discrimination has become an increasingly dangerous tool of tension and division of society.”

Could President Dodon be held accountable for his statements at the World Congress of Families?

The Law on Equality Issue no. 121 from 25.05.2012 to art. (1) establishes the prevention and combating of discrimination as well as ensuring the equality of all persons on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, language, religion or beliefs, sex, age, disability, opinion, political affiliation or any other similar criterion.

The Law on Freedom of Expression no. 64 from 23.04.2010 to art. 2 provides the notion of speech that incites hatred as any form of expression that causes, propagates, promotes or justifies racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance; according to art. 3 par. (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

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World Cleanup Day 2018, celebrated in Moldova

Today, September 15, the World Cleanup Day takes in the capital of Moldova. The representatives of the local public authorities, together with the volunteers “Hai, Moldova”, will participate in the cleaning and collection of garbage from the parks and the public areas of the city.

“We want to live in a cleaner and healthier world. The change is in our hands, so we encourage all those who care about their future to collect the waste from their districts and reduce the amount of garbage they produce daily”, according to the Hai Moldova project.

The statistics show that there are about 2,500 unauthorized places in Moldova in which the waste is dumped. But experts say their number is much higher. In a single year, 4 million tonnes of waste was generated on the territory of Moldova, of which only 600,000 were used, 1 million tonnes – destroyed or dumped, and over 1.5 million tonnes of waste remained in stock the territory of the waste generating units.

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Another Turkish citizen, declared undesirable by the SIS

Today, the Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) announced a foreign citizen of Turkish origin, “who performs actions for justification and propagation of the radical visions” has been identified and detained on the territory of Moldova.

According to SIS, it was established that the person had violated the residence regime in the Republic of Moldova and that “various methods have been applied to hide away from the competent authorities, within the usage of several addresses on the Chisinau area”.

“The foreign citizen has been declared undesirable for a 5-year period of national security reasoning, and got transported to the country of origin following the international practices and norms,” declared SIS.

Moreover, the SIS claims that they are linked to an Islamist group that is performing illegal actions in several countries. The SIS also writes that the persons have been declared undesirable by the competent bodies and furthermore expelled from the territory of the Republic of Moldova, without the indication of who and when the decision was made.

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