Civic activist Oleg Brega to bid for a seat in Romania’s Parliament after giving up on Moldova Presidentials

The famous civic activist Oleg Brega decided to prepare his candidacy for a seat in the Parliament of Romania from the behalf of the Romanian diaspora.

In order to propose his candidacy for the elections from December 11th, the activist has to collect at least 1000 signatures of Romanians from abroad.

Recently, Brega gave up on biding for the Moldova Presidentials and on collecting 15 thousand signatures, saying that he was defeated by the system controlled by the Democratic Party.

Brega participated at the Parliamentary elections in November 2014 and got 0,88% of the votes (14085), insufficient to overcome the threshold of 2% set for independent candidates. He also participated at the Chișinău mayoral elections in 2015 from the behalf of the Party “Democracy Home” (Democrația Acasă), but didn’t get enough votes. Brega is well-known for his protests for human rights and justice, but specifically for his open television on Youtube, Curaj.TV.
Brega can be a candidate in the Romanian Parliament due to his Romanian citizenship.

Some estimate that over 444 thousand citizens of Moldova “regained” their Romanian citizenship after 1991.