Most important world events of 2010

1. WikiLeaks An online publisher of anonymous, covert, and classified material, leaks to the public.

In April 2010, WikiLeaks published gunsight footage from the 12 July 2007 Baghdad airstrike in which Iraqi civilians and journalists were killed by an Apache helicopter, as the Collateral Murder video. In July of the same year, WikiLeaks released Afghan War Diary, a compilation of more than 76,900 documents about the War in Afghanistan not previously available for public review.[10] In October 2010, the group released a package of almost 400,000 documents called the Iraq War Logs in coordination with major commercial media organisations. This allowed every death in Iraq, and across the border in Iran, to be mapped.[11] In November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing U.S. State department diplomatic cables. The documents reveled arose tension for US government.

The U.S. Justice Department opened a criminal probe of WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange shortly after the leak of diplomatic cables began.

2. Haiti Earthquake

On Tuesday, 12 January 2010, a massive earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit Haiti killing almost 250k people, injuring 300k and more than one million people were made homeless. The initial quake was later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.0.The earthquake devastated the nation’s capital, Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other settlements in the region. A study by the Inter-American Development Bank estimated that the total cost of the disaster was between $7.2 billion to $13.2 billion. With a confirmed death toll over 230,000[7][8][9] it is one of the deadliest on record.

Haiti Earthquake was one of the worst catastrophe in last 200 years.

3. FIFA World Cup The 2010 FIFA World Cup was the 19th FIFA World Cup, the world championship for men’s national association football teams. It took place in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010 in Johannesburg. Teams from 32 different countries participated in the event and the matches were played in ten stadiums in nine host cities around the country, with the final played at the Soccer City stadium in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg.
In the final, Spain, the European champions, defeated third-time finalists the Netherlands 1–0 after extra time, with Andrés Iniesta’s goal in the 116th minute giving Spain their first world title, the first time that a European nation has won the tournament outside its home continent. Host nation South Africa, 2006 world champions Italy and 2006 runners-up France were eliminated in the first round of the tournament.


4. Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico

On April 20,2010 British Petroleum’s oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers and commencing months of oil leaking unrestrained into the ocean. Efforts to manage the spill with controlled burning, dispersants and plugging the leak were unsuccessful until BP capped the well in mid-July, temporarily halting the flow of oil into the Gulf. The well was then successfully plugged and declared “effectively dead” on September 19. This oil spill has obtained the dubious distinction of being the worst oil spill in US history, surpassing the damage done by the Exxon Valdez tanker that spilled 11 million gallons of oil into the ecologically sensitive Prince William Sound in 1989. It is estimated that over 205 million gallons of oil were released into the Gulf.



5. Lech Kaczyński, The President of Poland, is among 96 killed when their airplane crash.
The 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash occurred on 10 April 2010, when a Tupolev Tu-154M aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia. In this terrible accident died Maria Kaczyńska, his wife and more officials of Poland.


6. Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic ash from one of several eruptions beneath Eyjafjallajökull, an ice cap in Iceland, begins to disrupt air traffic across northern and western Europe.

On 14 April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull resumed erupting after a brief pause. This eruption threw volcanic ash several kilometres up in the atmosphere which led to air travel disruption in northwest Europe for six days from 15 April and in May 2010, including the closure of airspace over many parts of Europe.

7. Dies one of the biggest fashion designers. On February 11 – Alexander McQueen found hanged that morning in his wardrobe by his housekeeper at his home on Green Street, London W1. Later, McQueen’s death was officially recorded as suicide. The fashion designer left a note saying “Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee.”

8. The 2010 Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada. It was the 21st Winter Olympics, were a major international multi-sport event held from February 12–28.
The United States won the most medals in total, their second time doing so at the Winter Olympics, and broke the record for the most medals won at a single Winter Olympics, with 37.

Check the top ten listed NOCs by number of gold medals:

United States 37
Germany 30
Canada 26
Norway 23
Austria 16
South Korea 14
China 11
Sweden 11
Switzerland 9
Netherlands 8

82 National Olympic Committees entered teams in this’s year game.

9. Apple released the first iPad in April 2010, and sold 3 million of the devices in 80 days.
During 2010, Apple sold 14.8 million iPads worldwide, representing 75 percent of tablet PC sales at the end of 2010

The iPad was announced on January 27, 2010, by Steve Jobs at an Apple press conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Jobs later said Apple began developing the iPad before the iPhone, but temporarily shelved the effort upon realizing that its ideas would work just as well as a mobile phone. iPad is a portable that includes: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a display with Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously, camera for Video and Foto and more!


10. Nude, Green Leaves and Bust by Pablo Picasso sells in New York for US$106.5 million, setting another new world record for a work of art sold at auction.

Nude, Green Leaves and Bust is one of a series of portraits that Picasso painted of his mistress and muse Marie-Thérèse Walter from 1932. The vibrant blue and lilac canvas is more than five feet tall. It was bought by the Brodys in 1951 from Picasso’s dealer and was publicly exhibited only once, in 1961, to commemorate Picasso’s 80th birthday.


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